Best Holiday Dessert Recipes, According to Chefs

Best Holiday Dessert Recipes, According to Chefs | Food & Wine

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Character wins for top drink

IT traces its origins to a mistaken identity and is acknowledged by its maker as being “quite a challenging style”, but there is no doubting the success of Crittenden Estate’s 2016 Cri de Coeur Savagnin.

The wine produced by the Dromana-based estate has been named Australia’s Best Overall Drink in the 2021 Drink Easy Awards.

Unlike most wine awards, the annual Drink Easy competition is open to all beverages, including spirits and non-alcoholic.

The early “mistake” made by today’s savagnin producers dates back to several years before 2009, when they thought they were growing and harvesting Spanish albarino grapes.


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These healthy food swaps are astonishingly delicious

(BPT) – Many people associate healthy eating with bland, flavorless, unexciting foods. This mindset limits exploring new dishes and desserts that offer ample taste as well as nutrition. Even classic cravings — like salty, savory or sweet — can be satisfied with a few simple food swaps and a mindful approach.

By changing out a few foods in your diet, you can transform your eating habits while enjoying the flavors you love. Here are five ideas to help you start:

Flavored popcorn or nuts instead of chips

When you get the craving for something salty and crunchy, it’s easy to

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This Is What Marcus Samuelsson Eats Instead Of Junk Food

While it’s true that there are fast food aficionados that might truly cherish a burger run or pine for that pizza delivery, for the majority of people, a trip through a drive-thru usually is more about convenience than pleasure (per WebMD). And, if even we can’t find a free moment to prepare ourselves something tasty and homemade, surely one of the world’s busiest chefs doesn’t have ample free time on his hands to worry about his own sustenance. So, if it’s not chain food fare, what does Marcus Samuelsson eat when he’s busy? Hook him up with a lunch

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New Itto, ASAP director, MANNA gets $10K donation

A local restaurateur is moving forward with the expansion of his ramen restaurant into an untapped South Asheville neighborhood. 

The agricultural community is in a season of transition as new leadership prepares to take the reins in 2022. 

A sizable donation has been invested into the ongoing efforts to make food accessible in WNC food deserts. 

Third Itto’s a charm

Tony Lin, owner of Itto Ramen Bar & Tapas, will open a new restaurant location at 335 Airport Road in Arden.

Lin, a resident of Asheville for more than 16 years, aims to increase the local footprint in Arden by

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Christmas Cake with ‘Frosticle’ Icing

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Prep Time:





Total Time:






.5cm fruit cake, see GH recipe in November issue


icing sugar, plus extra to dust


natural or golden marzipan

About 275g white flower/modelling paste, see GH TIP


light blue sugarpaste/fondant icing

Brandy, gin, vodka, or cooled boiled water, to brush

To decorate, optional

Silver glitter spray, we used Cake Décor

Snowflake sprinkles, see GH Tips

You will also need

Snowflake cutters, in various sizes

This ingredient shopping

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7 popular Western desserts Japanese chefs have made their own

(CNN) — Japan has long been famous internationally for its diverse and delicious eats, from sushi to ramen, with such staples appearing on menus around the world.

But in recent years word has also spread about its expertise in another culinary arena — cakes and pastries. The country’s chefs have taken many of the traditionally “Western” desserts known and loved around the world and elevated them to new heights.

Unlike Japanese sweets — called wagashi — Western-style confectioneries, referred to as “yogashi,” are made mostly of flour and sugar. But Japanese versions are generally less sweet compared to their Western

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More Than Half of Croatians Drink Liquors, Liqueurs and Brandy Most Popular

ZAGREB, 27 Nov, 2021 – More than half of Croatians drink strong drinks, the most popular being liqueurs and brandies, the Ja Trgovac magazine, which together with the Hendal market research agency conducted a survey in October covering a representative sample of citizens aged above 16, said recently.

The survey shows that 56% of those polled drink spirits while 44% do not.

As for the frequency of consumption, 30% consume hard liquors several times a month while 29% drink them several times a year.

Twenty-four percent of those polled drink strong drinks on a weekly basis, 16% drink them several

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Widely used food additive alters the intestinal environment of healthy persons, research shows

New clinical research indicates that a widely used food additive, carboxymethylcellulose, alters the intestinal environment of healthy persons, perturbing levels of beneficial bacteria and nutrients. These findings, published in Gastroenterology, demonstrate the need for further study of the long-term impacts of this food additive on health.

The research was led by a collaborative team of scientists from Georgia State University’s Institute for Biomedical Sciences, INSERM (France) and the University of Pennsylvania. Key contributions also came from researchers at Penn State University and Max Planck Institute (Germany).

Carboxymethylcellulose (CMC) is a synthetic member of a widely used class of food

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Junk Food Has a Higher Carbon Footprint Than Nutritious Food

LEEDS, UK, December 2, 2021 (ENS) – Cutting out that sugary morning pastry and those fries for lunch might help fight the climate crisis, new research from the University of Leeds has concluded.

Many less nutritious foods and drinks account for nearly a quarter of diet-related greenhouse gas emissions, the research team found, after studying more than 3,000 generic foods and 40,000 branded items.

Meat explained 32 percent of diet-related greenhouse gas emissions; 15 percent from drinks; 14 percent from dairy; and eight percent from cakes, biscuits and confectionery.

Non-vegetarian diets had greenhouse gas emissions 59 percent higher than vegetarian

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