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Alan May tried to extinguish the candles on his birthday cake using his bare hand

Former Capitals pugilist and current NBC Sports Washington hockey analyst, Alan May, celebrated his 57th birthday on Friday. After the Capitals’ 2-0 win over the New York Islanders on Saturday, May was surprised sweetly by his NBCSWSH family with a birthday cake.

And that’s when May did one of the most hardcore things I’ve ever seen on live cable TV.

Instead of blowing out the candles, May tried to extinguish

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Urgent recall issued for these delicious desserts

Poppies International announced a dessert recall late last year that covered various types of cream puffs products. The company detected the presence of metal during production. That’s why it issued the recall. More than two weeks later, Poppies International expanded the recall to include even more cream puffs that weren’t recalled the first time around. Certain Taste of Inspirations Crème Puffs might also include metal, so you should stop eating them immediately if you have any.

The initial desserts recall

Poppies International said in the initial recall announcement that various Delizza cream puffs produced between December 7-10, 2021 might contain

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Teeth whitening: Dentist says drink a ‘natural cleaner’ for tooth whitening

Dr Hanna Kinsella advised readers to drink after eating to keep their teeth looking white.

The dentist founded her own Kiln Lane Dental Clinic and toothcare brand Icy Bear Dental. She is an expert in general and cosmetic dentistry, helping patients achieve white and healthy smiles.

Dr Hanna said: “A benefit across so many areas of life, drinking water is essential for wellbeing and also our oral health.

“It’s a natural cleaner in so many senses and can also help remove bacteria from the teeth.

“Always have at least a glass of water after eating meals.”

While drinking water

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Doctors Agree: These ‘Healthy’ Foods Could Be To Blame For Your Chronic Inflammation

Occasional bloating is one thing, but chronic inflammation can entirely derail your day, leading to struggles with self esteem and even a potentially unhealthy relationship with food as you work to navigate which ingredients are “safe” to eat and which will leave you blown up like a balloon. Many people who struggle with regular inflammation of the gut will attempt to follow healthier diets to eliminate foods which may be aggravating the gut, but the surprising reality is that even some nutritionally dense ingredients may be to blame for your tummy troubles, particularly if you’re eating them in bulk. 


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10 ways fast food is making you sick and depressed

Here’s some dangerous food for thought.

With alarming obesity rates on an annual basis, Americans are often accused of being imprisoned by their deadly addictions to fast food and ultra-processed junk.

Now, the month of January inevitably brings along with it an insatiable need to make a new year resolution. However, an estimated 40% of the US population has pledged to do better this time around by eating healthier, according to recent surveys.

But by the end of the first week of 2022, about one-quarter of them will have already dropped the ball on their big fat resolutions.


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Bride demands a divorce the day after her wedding – over groom’s cake stunt

Getting married is a huge milestone.But what happens when that special day comes around and things don’t go according to plan?

Well, for one woman, this happened, and now she wants a divorce from her husband after a stunt he pulled with their wedding cake.

In Slate Magazine‘s advice column, “Dear Prudence”, the bride – who is going by the pseudonym Give Him Till February – explained her reasoning for why she wants to move forward with the divorce.

She said that she got married just before Christmas and “is hoping to be divorced or annulled by the

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Temperatures (and life stages) melt into delicious bliss in the dessert/beverage/all of the above affogato

ICE CREAM AND coffee are, in theory, diametrically opposed. One is sweet and cold, like the tears of some divine ice princess, and the other, blistering and brisk as lava.

And when you are a child, coffee holds no appeal. Coffee, particularly dark espresso, is the purview of adults, those tall, lumbering creatures who hoard all the money and also like salads for some reason. Whereas, ice cream is the nectar of the gods, your reason for living and the only inducement in the world that will get you to eat a salad at all.

Ah, the shortsightedness of youth!

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Logan Paul & KSI’s ‘Prime Hydration’ drink sells out within hours of launch

Logan Paul & KSI’s new sports drink ‘Prime Hydration’ managed to sell out online in just a few hours after the amount of hype surrounding the launch.

KSI and Logan were originally known as rivals when they stepped into the ring together in 2018, and then later in 2019 as part of their hugely anticipated rematch. The events were so popular that they spawned a huge trend in influencer boxing that is continuing to this day.

The stars have been on better terms since their bout, however, with KSI appearing on Logan’s wildly popular ‘ImPaulsive’ podcast in what has become

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Healthy Food and Drink for Houston’s New Year

With the continuing pandemic and new Omicron variant, there has never been a more important time for Americans to eat healthier and more thoughtfully. For some, resolutions have been made to lose weight. Others may be determined to eat less meat or no meat at all for ethical, health or budgetary reasons.

Many people have discovered that their bodies require certain dietary restrictions such as avoiding gluten, dairy, nuts or soy. It would be rare to find anyone in Houston who isn’t looking to cut back on something, whether it’s sugar, fat or alcohol. With all the burger joints and

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