Month: May 2021

White Castle Is the Latest to Offer Vaccinated People Free Dessert

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  • National retailers and brands are following in Krispy Kreme’s footsteps by offering fully vaccinated individuals free items, deals and discounts.
  • Recently, Budweiser and White Castle joined the growing list of retailers and brands offering freebies and serious deals to those who receive a COVID-19 vaccine.
  • Customers simply need to display their completed COVID-19 vaccine card to enjoy these benefits and free items in their own neighborhood.

Those who complete their COVID-19 vaccination series will have a shiny new vaccine card to show off to friends and family, and more than that, they’ll be able to

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What A Nutritional Psychiatrist Drinks To Manage Anxiety

A golden latte, otherwise known as golden milk or a turmeric latte, describes a milk-based beverage that’s seasoned with spices—most notably turmeric to give it that signature golden hue. “I use my beloved grandmother’s chai recipe for all the added spice benefits, too,” Naidoo says. 

Along with the warm and nostalgic factor, turmeric lattes have science-backed mood-enhancing benefits. Curcumin, the active ingredient in turmeric, is a powerful antioxidant. And since many cases of depression are rooted in inflammation, the anti-inflammatory effects of turmeric may be protective against it. Researchers have even gone so far as to call curcumin a

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Brockton orgs get $410,000 grant to address food insecurity, housing

BROCKTON — A project to convert motel rooms into permanent housing. A freight container remade into a self-contained farm. A system for area food pantries to better serve the community.

These are the projects three Brockton organizations will bring to life with the help of a $410,000 grant from Beth Israel Lahey Health to address food insecurity and housing stability.

The recipients are Father Bill’s and MainSpring, a homeless shelter that received $205,000; the Boys and Girls Club of Metro South, which received $115,000; and the Charity Guild, a food pantry that got $90,000.

“The best and most important solutions

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Michael Moss Interview: Why We Should Think About Junk Food Like Cigarettes

What was the most shocking thing you found in those Philip Morris records? 

In terms of addiction, it was their struggle to concede that something they had vehemently denied was addictive was in fact addictive. What was most shocking, though, was not in the documents, but when I sat down with the former top lawyer for Philip Morris, Steve Parrish. We were just kind of chatting about smoking and his smoking habits, and he said, “Look, I’m one of those people who could take out my pack of cigarettes and have a cigarette during a business meeting, and put it

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The Day – Food trucks fest draws crowds in Groton

Groton — Food trucks lined both sides of the lawn, and people gathered to wait in line for their orders, on Saturday at Poquonnock Plains Park.

It was all for a New England Food Truck Fests event, which drew food trucks from Connecticut, Rhode Island and Massachusetts.

Local bands provided live music as attendees sat in the grass eating their orders.

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Make a Historic Boston Dessert That Became a Japanese Favorite

In 2019, a Boston restaurant closed. Normally, a restaurant closing in a major city wouldn’t cause much of a commotion, but this was different. Durgin-Park had been open for almost 200 years, and was famed for serving what food historian Paul Freedman calls the “first forgotten cuisine” of the United States.

Durgin-Park, located in Boston’s Faneuil Hall market, was truly the last of its kind. Something of a tourist trap in its later years, the restaurant slung crock after crock of Boston baked beans (once the city’s calling card) as well as crowd-pleasing fare like pasta and onion rings. But

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CVS Invests in Alternative Meats and Healthy Foods

CVS is helping bring healthy foods and meat alternatives like Beyond Meat to communities in the United States, Business Insider reports. The pharmacy giant and Beyond Meat are partnering to help bring options to 7,000 stores nationwide.

CVS will also add new snacks and frozen foods catering to a vegan, gluten-free, plant-based, and sugar-free audience. The move will benefit Americans living in food deserts, without access to traditional grocery stores. “The expanded assortment of food items is the latest way we serve as a premier health and wellness destination, making it easier for millions of customers to access healthier choices

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1 of Ina Garten’s ‘Favorite Summer Desserts’ Is ‘Such a Crowd-Pleaser’

Need a dessert that will have people going for seconds? Try Ina Garten’s Mixed Berry Pavlova, one of her all-time favorite desserts that’s perfect for summer. 

Ina Garten’s Mixed Berry Pavlova can be made in advance

Ina Garten | Nathan Congleton/NBC/NBCU Photo Bank

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Garten featured her Mixed Berry Pavlova recipe in a July 2018 post on her Barefoot Contessa website. Included in the best-selling author’s fifth cookbook, Barefoot Contessa at Home, Garten explained her love for the dessert. 

“One of my favorite summer desserts

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