Month: June 2021

Bills Foundation teams up with Buffalo Go Green to get healthy food into underserved communities

BUFFALO, N.Y. (WIVB) — The Buffalo Bills Foundation is teaming up with Buffalo Go Green and the Community Health Center of Buffalo.

It’s all in an effort to get healthy food options into neighborhoods in need.

The Bills Foundation awarded $25,000 in funding to the program. The program started five years ago to help people improve their health by eating nutritiously — even if they’re living in areas considered food deserts.

“We have introduced our community to vegetables that they never would have known or seen, with this program. So we are so excited to have you guys here and

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War On Waste Continues As U.K. Hits New Record For Surplus Food Distribution

According to WRAP’s latest report which documented trends in surplus food redistribution across the U.K., an estimated 92,000 tonnes of surplus food was reshared through commercial and charitable channels in 2020.

This marks a 45% year-on-year increase, determining a record year for the nation’s excess food redistribution. This historic figure was partly caused by the impact of the global pandemic on supply chains and the country’s response to Covid-19.

In their latest findings, WRAP has valued the food redistributed in the U.K.

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‘So satisfying’: Video of ‘old fashioned’ cake cutter leaves people impressed | Trending

The clip of ‘old fashioned’ cake cutter, since being shared on Instagram, has received tons of responses from people.

By Trisha Sengupta

PUBLISHED ON JUN 25, 2021 09:35 AM IST

Have you seen those videos where people old-school tools and gadgets to do modern day kitchen work? This video shared on Instagram is a perfect example of that category of clips. It shows an individual using an ‘old fashioned’ cake cutter. There is a possibility that the video will leave you saying “Wow.” It may also make you want to get one for yourself.

The caption shared with the video

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A fragmented France depicted on dessert plates

Depict all of France on a set of dessert plates: this ambitious challenge was undertaken by the Sèvres porcelain manufactory in the 1820s, a time when the nation was deeply divided, said Kelly Presutti, assistant professor of history of art and visual studies in the College of Arts and Sciences.

A porcelain plate in the “Service des Departments” series by Sèvres/ The Metropolitan Museum of Art Collection

“Referred to as a ‘tour of France in 100 dessert plates,’ the Service des Departments (1824-32) was a way of cataloguing the nation and representing it as a coherent whole. To do

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PURE Energy Drink is a Healthy and Crystal Clear Beverage

PALM BEACH, FL, June 25, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — As more Americans choose energy drinks to revive them, they are also looking for the healthiest energy beverage they can find.

Even before the pandemic, Americans had become very health conscious. Because of the pandemic, they are more concerned about their health than ever before.

“We developed an energy drink with 90 percent natural spring water because we wanted it to be a healthy alternative to other energy drinks on the market,” said European GT3 & Formula racing car driver David Schiwietz, the founder of PURE International Corporation, which is rolling

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Ypsi-area programs tackle food insecurity by making healthy food easier to access

When Alex Ball was a teenager living with his family in downtown Romulus, the only grocery store in town closed down. 

“I’d never thought about food that much, but when the store closed down and our neighbors had no access to fresh food, I started wondering, ‘How can I fix this?'” Ball says. “So, at age 18, I started researching and reading and did some small-scale backyard farming.”

That first backyard garden kicked off a journey that would lead Ball to become a farmer at the young age of 18, eventually buying his own piece of land in Sumpter Township

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High junk food consumption in childhood increases risk of unhealthy body fat by early adulthood

With economic development, it would seem that undesirable side effects such as the mass production and consumption of highly processed junk foods, obesity, pollution and lifestyle diseases also increase in prevalence. A new paper published recently in the journal JAMA Pediatrics reports consistent and significant associations between the increased consumption of such ‘ultraprocessed foods’ by children in the UK, and a higher risk of obesity, increased body fat percentage, and overall body mass, by the time they reach young adulthood.

The team said:

Through a lack of regulation, and enabling the low cost and ready availability of these foods,

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MTN DEW Cake Smash wants to give everyone a celebratory do-over

While many people were happy to erase 2020 from the memory banks, MTN DEW Cake Smash wants to give everyone a “do-over” for 2021. Forget 1999, are you ready to celebrate like its 2021?

Have you heard of MTN DEW Cake Smash? While MTN DEW continues to push the flavor boundaries of its beverages, this special offering has a twist of cake flavor. Although not quite as sweet as that Pepsi Peeps combination from Easter, that touch of sweetness to the iconic DEW citrus flavor is quite refreshing.

Thinking of the Dew Nation, this special beverage offering fits into the

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Pudding Mix Is the Secret Ingredient in These Decadent Dessert Recipes

Pudding mix is one of the unsung dessert heroes. Sure, we sing the praises of a velvety, homemade pudding, but sometimes, convenience can be just as delicious. Whip it up on its own and it’s sure to be a hit; incorporate it into a recipe and you’ve got a shortcut to a show-stopping dessert. Plus, you don’t have to worry about the possibility of a clumpy mixture, since a mix is foolproof for all cooks, burgeoning and seasoned alike. As pudding mix comes in many different flavors, you can even get creative with the recipes and put your own spin

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How New York’s To-Go Drink Restrictions Effect Bars and Customers

“I’m fucked,” Mike Vacheresse wrote to me.

I had just broken the news to him on Wednesday afternoon that the New York State Liquor Authority (SLA) had abruptly—and with a tweet, no less—axed pandemic rules that had allowed bars and restaurants to offer to-go cocktails and other alcoholic beverages. Governor Andrew Cuomo’s announcement ending the State of Emergency that began last March made New York one of only 13 states to end such orders and “return to normal.”

These new pandemic to-go rules weren’t just extremely popular with drinkers across the five boroughs, they were a lifeline for

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