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July 2021 - Tbirdroadhouse

Month: July 2021

What Are Superfoods? What Foods Are Considered Superfoods?

If your household is one of the many that’s headed down a path of healthier eating, you may have been introduced to the term “superfood.” Though the term is not new (it’s actually been used for decades), many people are still not quite sure what it even means. And while it sounds like a cool thing to throw around when you’re filling your friends and colleagues in on how your new healthier lifestyle is changing you, the truth of the matter is: It’s not as exclusive to the health community as you may think.

In fact, mostly everyone consumes at

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Add a little sweetness with this recipe for Apple Cake to any occasion | Food/Recipes

( It’s almost impossible to beat the combination of sweet fruit and decadent desserts. This delicious recipe for Apple Cake highlights the crisp fruit but also the cinnamon sugar-flavored pastry. It’s luscious but doesn’t overdo it on the sweet meter with just the right mix of flavors.

The cake is baked with the apples inside as the middle layer, which creates a moist, finished product. The apples are gooey, baked in a cinnamon sugar coating, making them a sweet and light complement to the perfectly baked cake.

Start by mixing the apples with cinnamon and, of course, sugar. Set the

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Ways to Remember to Stay Hydrated, If You’re Trying to Drink More Water

Some people aren’t crazy about the non-existent flavor of water, but flavoring it with natural fruit is delicious. You can buy a special fruit-infusing water bottle such as the one above from Live Infinitely, filling the infuser with anything from pineapples, to strawberries, to oranges. Or, you can find a supplement you like, such as Mio, which makes drinking water more enticing with its sweet, sugar-free flavors.

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Fresh Juice Bar and Smoothies brings healthy, cultural food and beverages to Tyler | Business

After being laid off from their pipeline full-time jobs, Maria Guillen and Salvador Saplu partnered up to open Fresh Juice Bar and Smoothies in Tyler. 

“We were panicking. I told him, ‘I know how to cook and I know how to create all my Latin snacks. We can combine all our food trucks that I’ve had before and also open a storefront,’ I told him to give it a try so we put our money together and here we are,” Guillen said. 

Guillen has loved cooking since she was a young girl and had to teach herself how to cook

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How to move away from a junk food diet for plants and ourselves

Elevated carbon in the atmosphere is the nightmare that keeps on giving as we head into a summer of fire and fury. This column and its predecessor outlined the changes we can make to try to stop carbon emissions. Choose renewable energy for your home. Change your diet. Consume less stuff. And maybe face the fact that a keep cup in your brand new diesel SUV is a misread of the situation.

Hopefully we will transition out of fossil fuel dependence. But we will be living with elevated carbon for the foreseeable future. One of the lesser known consequences is

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Pandemic-era food price increases, shortages persist

Taco Bell is among the latest companies to say it might not be able to complete customers’ orders due to ongoing transit and supply chain problems. 

What You Need To Know

  • Consumers are likely to see continued price spikes at grocery stores and ingredient shortages at restaurants due to global supply chain issues 
  • Prices for consumer goods in June rose 0.9% from May and 5.4% over the past year — the sharpest 12-month inflation spike since August 2008
  • Taco Bell is among the latest companies to say it might not be able to complete customers’ orders due to ongoing transit
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Slice of Prince Charles and Princess Diana’s wedding cake going on sale | Entertainment

A slice of Prince Charles and Princess Diana’s wedding cake is being sold at auction.

The royal couple tied the knot 40 years ago and a piece of their five-tiered cake is expected to sell for £500 when a collector sells it next month with auctioneer Dominic Winter.

Chris Albury – the auctioneer’s royal memorabilia expert – said: “It’s a curious and unique keepsake.

“I still wouldn’t recommend eating it but after 40 years it’s clearly destined to last.”

The slice – which measures 8 inch by 7 inches – is decorated with a red, blue and gold royal coat

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Students in Richardson intern program collecting healthy food for kids in need

The Richardson mayor’s summer internship program is collecting donations for kid-friendly snacks for the “Healthy Kids Snack Drive” now through Aug. 5.

Healthy snacks items needed for donation include fruit cups, cereal cups, oatmeal cups, apple sauce, juice boxes, macaroni and cheese cups and soup cups.

The snack drive is organized by high school interns in the program and will benefit families in need. The items will be distributed at the Richardson ISD “Backpack Bash” on Aug. 7 at Richardson High School. Any leftover items will be distributed to area children served by the Network of Community Ministries.

Donations may

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Most Oregon children will receive up to $1,100 apiece to help buy food

This week, Oregon children will begin receiving the first of three monthly payments of up to $408 per child to buy groceries.

The payments are intended to make up for the free or reduced-cost meals that more than 400,000 preschoolers and public school students missed out on last year when most schools and child care centers were closed.

That means many Oregonians age 18 and younger will get the money, which can be spent on any of the foods and beverages that people are allowed to purchase with food stamps. That includes fruits, vegetables, meat, fish, dairy products, bread, cereal,

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