Month: July 2021

Is it time to junk the junk food advertising ban?

In April of last year, Boris Johnson was hospitalised with the coronavirus. At the time of admittance, the then 55-year-old stood out among the typical septuagenarian or older demographic filling our hospitals. Besides age, it began to emerge that one risk factor making an individual susceptible to Covid-19 was obesity. Suddenly the nation’s waistline fell under the microscope. Since leaving hospital, the Prime Minister appears to have had what alcoholics tend to call “a moment of clarity”. He has accepted the fact that he is overweight. The once-boyish Boris is now 57 and he looks his age. So this former

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Koppel store owner Al Morini leader in plant-based food market

KOPPEL — Al Morini, owner of Al’s Corner on Route 18, grew up in the food business and with his brothers is a leader in the plant-based food market.

Food continues to be a part of his life, and the deli at Al’s Corner reflects his dedication with hot breakfast and lunch items all made from scratch, a fry menu, pizza, subs and burgers. You can check the menu on Al’s Corner’s Facebook page. He also sells Spread Instead, a Morini Brand, the first soy-free rice curd (tofu) based meat alternative.

Al Morini, owner of Al's Corner in Koppel, is well know for his store near the Pennsylvania Turnpike and his community commitment. But he also is a leader in the plant-based food industry with his brothers.

Al’s Corner has everything you would expect at a

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Adelaide Airport awarded Cake of the Week for new Qantas service to Gold Coast

Qantas’ Adelaide to Gold Coast service

Qantas will be basing five Embraer E190s in Adelaide to cater for increased domestic travel demand. As a result, Qantas launched fights between Adelaide and the Gold Coast on 25 June 2021. Adelaide Airport was awarded’s prestigious Cake of the Week prize for its spectacular route launch cake.

Qantas will be basing five Embraer E190 aircraft in Adelaide to cater for the increased demand in domestic travel. As a result, Qantas launched fights between Adelaide and the Gold Coast on 25 June 2021, operating daily flights over the school holidays before returning to

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Our 7 Favorite Vegan Summer Dessert Recipes Right Now

Craving something sweet? Wanting to wow your family to a stunning treat after dinner? These vegan desserts are perfect for summer nights. From individual berry trifles to decadent s’mores sundaes, these vegan concotions finish off the night with a bang. 

Hot for Food

1. Vegan English Trifle with Custard by Hot for Food

There’s no denying that we inherited certain aspects of British cuisine, and this trifle is proof. English trifle has become a quintessential American dessert, and while we tend to swap the custard for Cool Whip and the sponge cake for angel or pound cake, the concept remains

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10 Best Electrolyte Drinks in 2021 for Superior Hydration

When it comes to hydration, there’s nothing wrong with classic H2O. However, there are certain scenarios where your body might need a few things added to the water to assist in recovery, the main components being electrolytes. As the name suggests, electrolytes conduct electricity when in solution with water, and your body needs constant electric pulses to work effectively.

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When your body is under stress from illness, over-exertion from intense physical activity, or dehydration from a long night at the bar, it’s recommended by physicians and nutritionists alike that you consume electrolytes. That’s why saline solutions at hospitals

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Hurdles holding back SNAP participants from healthy diets reveal opportunities for brands, retailers

According to a survey​ conducted by the US Department of Agriculture published yesterday, 88% of SNAP recipients routinely face hurdles to a healthy diet with cost being the most frequently cited challenge by 61% of participants, followed by lack of time to prepare meals from scratch (30%), need for transportation or distance to the grocery store (19% and 18% respectively) and lack of knowledge about healthy foods (16%).

The survey of 4,522 SNAP households and more than 100 in-depth interviews was conducted by the USDA and Institute of Medicine and the National Research Council as a first step to

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Will the UK’s junk food marketing clampdown combat childhood obesity?

In 2019, the Government estimated that UK children collectively saw around 2.9bn TV ads and 11bn online impressions promoting foods that are high in fat, salt and sugar. This, ministers concluded, is a major contributor to a food environment that is driving up childhood obesity levels. One-in-three children in the country now leave primary school overweight or obese. 

“The content youngsters see can have an impact on the choices they make and habits they form. With children spending more time online it is vital we act to protect them from unhealthy advertising,”​ said Public Health Minister, Jo Churchill.


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UK facing summer of food shortages due to lack of lorry drivers | Food & drink industry

The country is facing a summer of food shortages likened to a series of “rolling power cuts” because of a loss of 100,000 lorry drivers due to Covid and Brexit, industry chiefs have warned.

In a letter to Boris Johnson they have called for an urgent intervention to allow eastern European drivers back into the country on special visas, similar to those issued to farm pickers, warning that there is a “crisis” in the supply chain.

They have said shortages of workers in warehouses and food processing centres are also having an impact with packing food for supermarket shelves.


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Batter, a dessert and cake business, is set to open in Menomonee Falls

After making her first two-tiered cake for her daughter Violet’s first birthday party,  Menomonee Falls business owner Brittany Wohlfeil wanted to make sure every child can have a birthday cake.

She watched a YouTube video on how to stack that cake for Violet. But it did not quite turn out the way she wanted. She said the top was supposed to have a chocolate drizzle, but it all melted off to the side.

“It was a disaster, and I cried twice (making it),” she said. But nearly everyone told her the cake tasted great. 

In the end, she said she

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Recipe: Pick your dessert favourite from besan ladoos or strawberry sponge cake

Frankly speaking, desserts are to us what ghee is to ladoo hence, it is either Strawberry sponge cake for us this Thursday or we are deciding to join the desi hood by whipping up some Besan ke ladoo. If you can’t help but go all Poo from Karan Johar’s multi-starrer Kabhi Khushi Kabhie Gham, every time you hear the word ‘ladoo’, try whipping up the traditional Indian sweet of Besan ke ladoo or fall “berry” much in love with the strawberry sponge cake as it rains romantically outside.

Light and fluffy, a strawberry sponge cake is a fun

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