Month: July 2021

America’s Test Kitchen’s Frozen Lemonade Cake

To make this modern icebox cake, the whizzes at America’s Test Kitchen mixed lemonade concentrate into vanilla ice cream for a refreshing summer dessert beyond compare. Those contrasting (and zingy) layers are made with a combination of lemon curd and Cool Whip. And the crust? Not-too-sweet animal crackers, of course.

That abstract swoosh of color on top is done by dipping a paintbrush in yellow food coloring and brushing it wherever the mood takes you.

You’ll find this and other clever no-bake frozen dessert recipes in “The Complete Summer Cookbook: Beat the Heat with 500 Recipes that Make the Most

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Amber Energy Drink Empowerment Programme targets 2,000 Nigerians

Amber Drinks Limited has announced the continuation of its empowerment programme designed to empower unemployed Nigerians, retailers, startups and students.

Since its formal launch in 2020, its purpose has been to make life easier for Nigerians on their journey to being their own boss, and this time they are set to empower even more. The empowerment training programme created to help the beneficiaries which kicked off last year has empowered over a thousand beneficiaries in the ‘Start-up loan’ program.

Speaking on the purpose of the continuation of the Amber Drinks Empowerment Program, the General Manager, Amber Drinks Limited,

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CWU Teaches Future Docs To Try – More Healthy Food

What role does food play in your life, you know besides the obvious “no food-no life” equation?   Some of us have our few favorites and we regularily eat just what we know.  Others see food as part of life’s great adventure and are always willing to look and cook fry and try new things all the time.  Some eat to fuel specific activities and some eat to avoid dealing with feelings.   In other words, food is complex and can play an important role in better health.

Culinary Medicine

Food even has a place in medicine and not just for jokes

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Slice of Charles, Diana’s wedding cake to be auctioned 40 years after

A slice of the Prince and Princess of Wales’s wedding cake is up for sale 40 years after Charles and Diana tied the knot.

The anniversary of their fairy-tale royal nuptials, when the heir to the British throne married shy 20-year-old Lady Diana Spencer in the grand St Paul’s Cathedral on July 29, 1981, falls on Thursday.

But their relationship did not last as they split 11 years later in 1992 and got divorced in 1996.

The large slice of cake icing and marzipan base from one of the 23 official wedding cakes features a sugared on lay of the

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Easy Pie Crust Recipes for Summer Desserts

The allure of a homemade fruit pie is real: Just imagine a bubbling double-crusted blueberry number cooling by a breezy window. But the prospect of rolling dough on a steamy day can send even confident cooks packing. To turn out stellar pies showcasing summer’s ripest fruit — without heating up the kitchen — you want the ease of crumb crusts and chilled fillings.

Just about anything you can crush into crumbs, you can use for a no-roll crust. Graham crackers are an obvious choice, but other crumbly cookies, salty crackers and even not-too-sugary cereals can build a tender, cookielike foundation

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Do convenience stores accepting food assistance funds offer enough healthy choices?

CLEVELAND, Ohio (WOIO) – It’s a struggle for many Ohioans to put fresh food on the table, especially those living in rural areas.

19 Investigates found gas stations and dollar stores are sometimes their only options.

We examined what counts as healthy food for people who depend on food stamps, checking to see whether local stores accepting government money stock enough healthy options.

If you’ve ever wondered why that lonely banana is sitting by itself on a gas station counter, there is a reason why.

They may accept SNAP benefits, known as food stamps, and must meet certain requirements.


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The Most Popular Junk Food in America, New Data Shows

Whether you find yourself grabbing a handful of candy at the movies or making a beeline for the chips at your summer barbecue, everyone has their particular vices when it comes to food. However, as unique as your typical junk food urges may seem to you, your munchies may have more in common with your neighbors than you think.

In honor of National Junk Food Day on July 21, researchers at Zippia, The Career Expert, compiled data from Google Trends to identify the most popular junk food snacks in each of the 50 states.

Read on to discover what

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How your favorite fast foods were really invented

Whether you’ve a penchant for pizza or you’re a diehard fried-chicken fan, chances are you sometimes indulge in a fast-food feast. But have you ever thought about the origins of your fast-food favorites? We delve into the past to bring you surprising facts about the invention of burgers, French fries, hot dogs and more.

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