Taking the cake | Save The Rhino

Birthday celebrations are great. You get to be surrounded by your friends and family, and generally, there’s cake and presents. But they can be so much more. Many of our supporters use their birthday as an opportunity to help save rhinos.

In 2019, 9-year-old Isla from South Africa wrote all about why she has been asking for donations to Save the Rhino International instead of presents for her birthday since she turned six. To date she has raised £880 for rhino conservation.


Isla – Rhino Warrior, 9 years old

I remember the first rhino calf I ever saw. It was

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A Coconut Cake for the Ages

No one has ever complimented me on my decisiveness. It takes me forever to make a decision, and then, when I do, I second-guess it, myself and the universe. Given my constitutional aversion to choosing one of anything, when we had to move out of our house last fall for a renovation we committed to in more normal times, I surprised myself by finding it easy to pick the kitchen tools I’d take with me to the rental cottage. I packed a couple of spatulas and whisks, a fish turner, a Microplane grater, a ruler, scissors, a mashing fork I

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‘Lion King’ cake: 3-year-old girl requests Mufasa cake for her birthday

Leona, a 3-year-old girl who recently celebrated her birthday, didn’t want anyone else to have a slice of her cake.

So she devised a plan — make people too sad to eat the cake.

So, Leona requested that her birthday cake depict the scene from “The Lion King” where Mufasa dies. Yes, the scene where Uncle Scar lets Mufasa fall off the cliff right in front of Simba, according to NBC News.

“Everyone will be too sad to eat the cake and it will be all for me,” she said, according to a Twitter post, which was

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Love Cake? You Dont Wanna Miss These Korean Bento Cakes

Bento cakes? Mini cakes? Minimalist cakes? Call them what you want, but these adorable little cakes have taken the internet by storm. They are widely popular in South Korea and since the Hallyu wave is going strong in India, it is no surprise that many talented home chefs have picked up on this trend. Their dreamy colour palette makes them an aesthetic powerhouse and paired with the fact that they come snuggled in a lunch box, how do you bring yourself to cut into these beauties?

The term ‘Bento’ originates from Japan and literally translates to ‘convenient’ or ‘convenience’. In

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A rhubarb upside-down cornmeal cake recipe

Rhubarb’s pleasant tartness is what makes it great in desserts, lending balance to a recipe’s sweetness. Hitting farmers markets and grocery stores in late spring, rhubarb comes in stalks ranging from soft, pale green to deep crimson red. While red rhubarb is most often what you see in glossy food photos, it’s purely for aesthetic reasons, as color isn’t an indication of ripeness or sweetness.

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Demi Rose Enjoys Weekend Cake During Fashionable Delivery

Dishing on her practices, Demi also revealed: “Music has certainly helped me, as has meditation, and I was lucky enough to find a spiritual healer who has become like a father figure to me. Having faith is very important.”

Demi’s mom Christine had, when alive, spoken out on Demi’s career, saying she had zero problem with her daughter being largely in swimwear. In fact, Christine celebrated Demi’s strength and said that if you’ve got it, flaunt it. If you missed the bikini and roses sandwich, just scroll.

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Jam sheet cake for outside by Claire Ptak | Cake

Sheet cakes are my favourite for a quick and easy cake because there is no trimming, no icing, no stacking and they are charming in their simplicity and nostalgia. My grandmother Betty used to make red cake – she never added “velvet” to the name as that was far too fancy for the simple sheet of red sponge topped with a thin layer of “white frosting”. She would ice it directly inside the baking tin and cover with a sheet of foil and stick it on the back seat of the car (or on my lap) and take it

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Woman Pays for Cake at Indiana Store in Honor of Late Son’s Birthday

Woman Pays for Cake at Indiana Store in Honor of Late Son’s Birthday |

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Espresso loaf cake with burnt butter and coffee icing by Diana Henry | Cake

This is denser than regular coffee cake, as it’s made by the melt-and-mix method. I use a coffee extract for it, made by Nielsen-Massey. If you can’t find it, use Camp Coffee, available in most supermarkets.

Serves 10
For the cake
unsalted butter 225g, plus more for the tin
strong coffee 200ml, preferably espresso
soft light brown sugar 150g
golden syrup 225g
coffee extract 2 tsp
eggs 2 large, lightly beaten
plain flour 240g
malted brown or wholemeal flour 100g
salt a pinch
bicarbonate of soda 1 tsp
walnuts 75g, roughly chopped

For the icing
instant espresso powder 2

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Indiana woman pays for stranger’s cake to honor her late son’s birthday

A woman in Indiana inspired her community this week with a kind gesture to honor her late son.

When Carolyn Mick went to pick up a cake from her local Kroger in Plainfield, Indiana, she discovered someone had already paid for it. The cake also came with a note, signed by “Toni, Tyler’s mom.”

In the note, Toni explained that her son had died five years ago and she wanted to honor his memory by buying Mick’s cake. 


“Today is my son’s 35th birthday, his

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