Kate Middleton Was Very Specific About Her Wedding Cake

It’s been a decade since Prince William and Kate Middleton got married in front of the entire world, and their recent anniversary has sparked a renewed interest in all that went on behind the scenes. The woman in charge of the couple’s extravagant wedding cake, Fiona Cairns, told PEOPLE about the entire process and exactly how specific Kate was about her cake for the big day.

Cairns told the outlet Kate was very detailed about what she wanted when it came to her wedding cake. “The brief came from Kate, and she was very specific. The theme of the wedding

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The secret to being Tom Cruise? Three days of chocolate cake | Movies

Tom Cruise is arguably the most intimidating movie star in existence. He’s less a human being and more a physical manifestation of human willpower. He does his own stunts. He flies his own planes. Back when everyone was worried that Covid would permanently bring the world to its knees, he offered hope; first by driving an actual motorbike off a literal cliff to prove to the world that no virus could stop him from doing loads of knuckleheaded stunts, and second by screaming blue murder at his crew whenever they got closer than two metres to each other.

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Martinez restaurant brings specialty funnel cakes to the table

When Andre Walker’s back was pressed against a wall, a lesson from high school turned his business around.

Walker, a 2013 graduate of North Augusta High School, majored in business at the University of South Carolina Aiken before opening his restaurant, La Taberna Dominica, in November 2020 in Martinez. The Dominican restaurant was not as big of a hit as he thought it would be, and people didn’t seem as interested in trying something new while dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic. 

“It started out good, but people don’t want to experiment,” he said.

Andre Walker mixes funnel cake batter at the Funnel Cake Lounge. A customer in town for the Masters Tournament took a picture of one of Walker's funnel cakes that went viral, and business boomed.

Walker tried to figure out something that

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How the SafeMoon Crypto Frenzy Is Making PancakeSwap (CAKE) Look Sweet

In recent days, SafeMoon (CCC:SAFEMOON-USD) has emerged as the latest meme coin generating a buzz on social media. Some have even said that SafeMoon is the next Dogecoin (CCC:DOGE-USD), pointing to its quickly growing following. However, as SafeMoon prices have rocketed higher and come back down, a real winner is PancakeSwap (CCC:CAKE-USD).

Source: Shutterstock

As a quick refresher, the SafeMoon crypto appears to be the latest star in the market frenzy. On April 19, SafeMoon prices rocketed 100% higher in one day. The cryptocurrency is relatively new, having first launched in March 2021. However,

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McVitie’s Jaffa Cake Jonuts Are Coming SOON!

Calling all Jaffa Cake fanatics! We’ve got a treat in store for you… and it’s not Jaffa Cake Gin.

Introducing McVitie’s latest launch: Jaffa Cake Jonuts. And you guessed it, they’re doughnut-shaped. Yep! If the whole biscuit or cake debate wasn’t enough, McVitie’s has now thrown doughnuts into the equation.

Featuring a soft doughnut-shaped sponge, filled with Jaffa Cake’s signature tangy filling, and a delicious chocolate topping, these spongey treats are about to become our latest snack obsession. Who’s in?

Spotted on Instagram via UK Snack Attack, they’ve been described as magic Jaffas, with a twist (and we love

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The story behind Shuga Pie Cake Shop, Babylon’s newest craze

The whole thing was like a zombie movie. “It was 28 degrees, a little drizzly,” recalled Terry Haughy. “We thought nobody would be out there.”

“Then we started hearing people knocking on the window,” continued Micheline Cummings, shivering at the memory. “You had to be quiet inside.”

On the other side of the glass was what could only be described as a ragtag horde of sweets-seekers, all in ravenous pursuit of something most of us had never heard of a few months ago: shuga pies. Cummings, the baker, and Haughy, her assistant, long- time partners in life and business, seemed

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Baking hacks for perfect cakes

Whether you’re a novice or a keen baker who wants to improve, our simple tricks and tips will help you achieve cake perfection every time. From a simple Victoria sponge to a tricky worth-the-effort showstopper, plus vegan and gluten-free bakes, there’s a cake to please everyone, as well as some useful tips along the way.

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For a light, dreamy cake, you need to incorporate as much air as possible

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Salma Hayek Opens Wide For Cake In Killer Dress

Scroll for the photo, one snagging Hayek over 40,000 likes in two hours. It showed the actress indoors, at a table, and with a crowd, one that included Kering founder husband Pinault. The 2009-married couple. who shares teen daughter Valentina, was also joined by others, with Salma and a male seen seated and both with open mouths – unsurprising, given that a fondue-style chocolate dessert was in front of them.

Salma, rocking a silky, frill-shouldered LBD, was all red lips, but the caption talked love.

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Kate Middleton and Prince William’s surprising wedding cake secrets revealed

Sophie Hamilton

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are celebrating their 10th wedding anniversary on 29 April and it almost feels like yesterday that the royal couple were exchanging vows in Westminster Abbey.

Along with Kate’s incredible wedding gown and sweet bridal party, one of the most beautiful sights of the special day was her and Prince William’s spectacular wedding cake.

Created by

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Macon, GA, man starts cake baking business ‘on a fluke’


James Havior, owner of home-based Havior Cake Factory, pours lemon pound cake batter into a pan before placing in the oven.

[email protected]

James Havior of Macon calls himself the slick baker.

His home -based, cake-baking business is Havior Cake Factory. His business slogan, “HaviorCakeandeatit2.”

He’s known by word of mouth and via his business Facebook page.

“I actually started on a fluke,” said Havior, a dialysis technician and certified nursing assistant. “I already had been baking cakes — just trying out different recipes and getting people to test them out and taking them to people.

“And one of

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