Cake Fear: “It Pretty Much Chewed Everyone Up And Spat Them Out”

It was still dark, and Jeremy Wilmotte and Lachy Lemarseny were nervously trying to pick their jump-off moment, when Billy Morris came down the path, slipped over, and landed on his arse in the mud.

“I couldn’t see where I was going!” Bondi’s veteran superstar lensperson claimed later.

Billy wasn’t the only one to fall that day. For the next five hours or so, the crew who’ve made Wedding Cake bombie their go-to challenge in massive southerly swells threw themselves against this woolly mammoth of a wave, heedless of its desire to smash them into very small pieces indeed.


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Make a Cake This Weekend

Good morning. It’s still Melissa here, taking over for Sam while he’s on vacation.

I hope you were able to go on some kind of vacation this summer, too. Or maybe you’re there now, reading this on a breezy beach or under a green tree canopy with the sun dappled through the leaves. That’s where I am as I write — working in the garden of a rented country house with my laptop perched on my knees. Early this morning, I saw a small gray bunny hop across the grass, which for this born-and-bred city kid is an absolute thrill.

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Couple speaks out after video game-themed wedding cake topper unexpectedly goes viral

Social media users branded a humorous wedding cake topper that highlighted a groom’s love for video games as offensive, but the couple behind the requested figurines say that’s not what they meant.

Perla Blanco and Gerardo Martinez got married in late July after four years of dating. Their special day, which was celebrated in Monterrey, Mexico, with close family and friends, went viral on TikTok when their guest Leonardo Aceves shared a clip of their unique wedding cake.

The top-tier featured a wedding cake topper of a bride and groom, but instead of going the traditional route, the bride is

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Benjamina Ebuehi’s recipe for apricot camomile cake | Baking

Apricots rank pretty high up on my list of favourite stone fruits, and they score extra points when they’ve had some time in the oven to soften and release all of that sweet, slightly sharp nectar. Here, I’ve nestled them in a cake rather than a tart, because it can be a bit of a pain trying to keep pastry chilled in a hot summer kitchen. The camomile, subtle but present, brings such a soothing, floral vibe that just makes me want to hold on to summer for as long as possible.

Apricot camomile cake

Prep 30 min

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Eight great spots in Leicester for coffee and cake

Leicester’s blessed with loads of coffee shops and, as everyone knows, the independents are where it’s at when it comes to chat and atmosphere. Now, we realise coffee tastes can be as varied as the beans that make them, but here’s eight great places for students old and new to check out before settling on where you go for your regular cup of Joe. Oh, and cake. Don’t forget the cake. 

St Martin’s Coffee Roasters, St Martin’s Square

The aroma of freshly roasted coffee beans hits you as soon as you walk through the door. It has a cosy home

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Cook This: If you like fig preserves, you will love this cake | Food/Restaurants

Claudia Fowler penned a recent “Human Condition” column for the paper where she mentioned how fig preserves tend to be one of those love ’em or hate ’em kinds of food.

She and her husband, Jim, love them. And, while his favorite way to enjoy them is in a peanut butter and fig preserve flap-over, her favorite is fig cake.

We asked Claudia to share the recipe, and, boy, does it look good!

Human Condition: Figs are helping to preserve memories

Claudia says Jim, who used to deer hunt with buddies in north Louisiana, snagged the recipe more than 40

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Blue Ribbon Cake winning recipe

Janette Chapman has been a judge at the Kentucky State Fair’s from-scratch “Your Favorite Cake” competition for years. With dozens of entries each year, she’s tasted hundreds and hundreds of cakes. 

But some of those cakes stand out. Through the blind taste testing, many years she’d come across a spectacular cake and say, “That’s got to be Martha York’s cake.” 

“And sure enough it would be,” Chapman said. “She must have won every year she entered. She passed away a few years back … I didn’t know her, I just knew all of her cakes.” 

This year, when the

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Eat the Experience at My Cake Theory

You can customize your coffee and your pizza, and in April, Tiffany Lightfoot brought endless options to cupcakes as well when she opened her new shop, My Cake Theory (325 Seventh St. SE). The DC Native and Food Network champion (she won 2020’s Holiday Wars before competing on Candy Land) calls her concept “flavors to frills.”

Customers can select from up to six different types of cupcakes, including chocolate, lemon, red velvet, vanilla, and strawberry with additional flavors

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Paola Velez Makes a Chocolate Party Cake

Paola Velez Makes a Chocolate Party Cake | Food & Wine

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Hershey’s Black Magic Cake Is Perfect For Chocolate Lovers

Saying Hershey’s knows a few things about chocolate is an understatement. Whether you adore the classic Hershey’s Kisses candy or one of their new ice cream-inspired candy bars, Hershey’s offers some of the best chocolate confections in the world.

But why just stick with candy when a cake is an option? Few things cure a chocolate craving better than a slice of dark, rich chocolate cake.

When we came across Hershey’s recipe for Black Magic Cake, which is topped with a cocoa glaze, it made us believe in all sorts of good magic in the world. And bakers who have

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