10 Best Dessert Places for Sweet Treats

Image courtesy: Paciugo San Antonio

Are you long overdue for dessert after dinner? If so, you may not know where to go or have trouble deciding on what type of dessert in San Antonio to have. Everyone deals with this far too often, so below is an assorted mix of where to find the best desserts in San Antonio.

Popular Desserts in San Antonio

Just like the food, the dessert San Antonio has to offer is giant, unique, and tasty. If you have a craving for cold dessert, we have ice cream shops that have you covered. If you prefer

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Nutella Cheesecake Brownies are a ‘dangerously’ delicious fall dessert: Try the recipe

Now that there’s a chill in the air, it’s the perfect time for this decadent dessert. 

Debi Morgan, the creator of the Southern food blog Quiche My Grits, shared her recipe for “Nutella Cheesecake Brownies” with Fox News. 

The dessert starts with a brownie crust, topped with cheesecake and a Nutella swirl, which Morgan describes as “dangerously YUM” in her blog post.


The “Nutella Cheesecake Brownies” from food blog Quiche My Grits are “dangerously YUM,” according to blog creator Debi Morgan.
(Courtesy of Quiche My

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Spooky Dessert Tart w/ “The Addams Family” Dinner Theatre | In The Kitchen

You don’t want to miss “The Addams Family- A New Musical Comedy” coming to the Orange Beach Event Center! Jessica and Krista with the City of Orange Beach visited the Studio 10 kitchen to make a cool and spooky dessert while giving us details about the show.

The Addams Family – A New Musical Comedy dinner theatre is Oct. 7-10, 2021, at the Orange Beach Event Center, at 4671 Wharf Pkwy W., Orange Beach, AL 36561. Tickets are $50 per adult and free to children 12 & younger (includes dinner and show). Purchase tickets at

Showtimes are:

  • Oct.
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High-Protein Desserts – Healthier Desserts

You might think of protein as synonymous with meat—and therefore not part of a delicious dessert! But there are many other forms of protein, and they can give your sweet treat a bit of a boost, health-wise. If you’re going to opt for dessert, after all, why not include an important nutrient in it?

Protein is an essential part of every cell in your body and plays a starring role in muscle, bone, and skin health. Most people eating a 2,000 calorie diet want to aim for a minimum of 50 grams of protein per day, says Jackie Newgent,

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Chase Center Gets New Dessert Bar From Chef Behind Viral Steph Curry Cake

Pastry chef Bianca Montijo, who’s spent the last year and change making fancy confections and desserts for special events at the Chase Center and the VIP viewing suites, is the force behind a new dessert bar that will be open to the public this fall as the Chase Center reopens for real.

On Tuesday, the Chase Center revealed a slate of new food and drink offerings ahead of the start of the Warriors’ season — and ahead of some fall concerts like a weekend of Phish shows (Oct. 16-17) and a weekend of Eagles shows (Oct. 22-23). There are a

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South Indian Desserts: 7 Dessert Recipes You Can Make Under 30 Minutes

India boasts a collection of some of the most exquisite sweet treats out there. From sugary jalebis to pillowy soan papdi, ladoos and malpuas, your sweet cravings will never be unanswered in the country. However, if you think North India is the only place to cater to your fondness, we are here to break the myth – because the South Indian states have an equally eclectic collection of decadent desserts too. While Mysore Pak and Payasaam may be the ones that top the charts, there are many authentic South Indian desserts that may help with that rumbling in your stomach.

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Korean desserts perfect for the last of the summer heat – The Cavalier Daily

While the Korean sun gets unbearably hot in the summertime, it allows people to enjoy refreshing desserts that are different from the desserts you see in America. Traditional bingsu (빙수) is a lightly sweetened dessert often shared among friends and enjoyed by all. More recently, scrolling through Korean social media platforms will often bring you to videos featuring Greek Momo and watermelon punch. All three desserts are equally as refreshing for the last of this summer heat, and they can be enjoyed within the comfort of your home using the recipes below.

The first dessert is a popular summer treat

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Android 12 Brings Back the Dessert Names Tradition With ‘Snow Cone’

Android 12 is codenamed ‘Snow Cone’, a Google executive revealed on Twitter. The trend of giving dessert names to new Android versions isn’t new as Google used titles such as Ice Cream Sandwich, Marshmallow, and Nougat in the past. However, that custom was changed with the release of Android 10 in 2019 as the company then decided to use the numerical order for calling its new Android releases. Android 12 was released on Monday as the latest operating system from the house of Google — months after going through testing under various developer previews and beta builds.

Google Vice President

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Chef Curtiss: a sweet, simple, seasonal dessert

Chef Curtiss Hemm’s apple enchiladas served warm with some homemade ice cream. Photo provided

Chef Curtiss Hemm lives in the Champlain Valley – apple country. He shares a simple dessert recipe with apples, spices and flour tortillas. He says having people help with the enchiladas adds to the fun and promises no leftovers with this tasty treat!

Chef Curtiss is the former Dean of Culinary Arts at the New England Culinary Institute in Burlington, and has also taught at Paul Smiths College. 

These days he and his family live in Peru, NY where he runs the

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This Applebee’s dessert got a shout-out in a popular song. Now the chain is bringing it back

Applebee’s ditched the item when it slimmed down its menu during the pandemic. But after the song came out in June and started to go viral, the chain decided to bring back the shake for a limited time starting Monday.
Casual dining chains like Applebee’s have struggled in recent years as they face more competition from fast casual brands like Panera and Chipotle, and online delivery offered through the likes of Grubhub and DoorDash. The pandemic was the latest blow. But Applebee’s is seeing sales grow again — the second quarter was its best in years. A buzzy song can
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