‘Drink water!’ – Ronaldo shuns Coca-Cola with unexpected health advice in Euro 2020 press conference

The Portugal superstar was dead serious in his disdain for the soda drink – likely to the dismay of tournament organisers

Cristiano Ronaldo removed two Coca-Cola bottles from the table in front of him at his pre-match Euro 2020 press conference on Monday before holding up a bottle of water to the room and declaring people should drink water instead.

Then, for dramatic effect, he rolled his eyes and said with borderline disgust, “Coca-Cola”.

The brand is an official sponsor of the tournament, but clearly, Ronaldo is not a believer in the health downsides relative to water.


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Drinking Too Much Is an American Problem

Photograph by Chelsea Kyle; Prop Stylist: Amy Elise Wilson; Food Stylist: Sue Li

This article was published online on June 1, 2021.

Few things are more American than drinking heavily. But worrying about how heavily other Americans are drinking is one of them.

The Mayflower landed at Plymouth Rock because, the crew feared, the Pilgrims were going through the beer too quickly. The ship had been headed for the mouth of the Hudson River, until its sailors (who, like most Europeans of that time, preferred beer to water) panicked at the possibility of running out before they got home,

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Summer’s Freshest Sparkling Drink Recipe

STROLL AROUND Levinsky Market in the Florentin neighborhood of Tel Aviv—among the Balkan delicatessens, Persian spice vendors, bureka stands, trendy bars and kitchen supply shops—and you will inevitably encounter fellow strollers sipping a sort of drink that might be mistaken for a floral arrangement.

Create a drink that reflects what’s in your own garden or grocery store.

Unruly herbs in bloom and other fragrant stalks rise above the rim of the glass, tickling the nose of the imbiber with each sip. Infused with natural syrups, the fizzy beverage comes in a variety of vivid hues; luscious hunks of

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Get Shot, Drink Beer: SC Breweries Offer Vaccine Incentive | South Carolina News

COLUMBIA, S.C. (AP) — People who get vaccinated against COVID-19 at South Carolina breweries this month will receive a free beer as part of an effort to get shots into the arms of young adults, the health department announced Thursday.

The “Shot and a Chaser” events are scheduled throughout June at participating breweries across the state as part of a partnership between the Department of Health and Environmental Control and the South Carolina Brewers Guild. Trained medical professionals will offer the one-shot Johnson and Johnson vaccine; people who get their shot on-site can get a free beer or soda. Some

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The conscious sip: Your drink impacts the planet more than you realise. It’s time for sustainable cocktails

Do you ever think about the environment when you order that Bloody Mary? Or wonder what your carbon footprint might be as you sip on a frozen Margarita? Or even pause to question how harmful your cocktail may be for the planet? Well, if you don’t, you’re not alone. But it is time to start.

Because, well, the way you choose to drink does impact the planet.

It begins right from the process of distilling to packaging and shipping. Every step has

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5 Creative Ways To Drink More Water

Universal fact: Flavored water is more fun to drink. But the last thing we need is some sugary concoction that eclipses the health benefits of hydration. Twinings Cold Infuse water enhancers give water enough taste to be craveable but are sugar-free and sans artificial ingredients. Each infuser steeps in cold water to add delicious fruit and herb flavors.

After you drop an infuser into your water bottle, here’s what happens. First, your water enlivens with a lovely shade of color. The vibrant red of the Watermelon & Mint flavor, for example, is an invitation to drink up! Then it’s the

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Should Americans drink less? Do meditation apps work?

Slingerland argues that drinking has, over many thousands of years, been adaptive, in large part because it is such an effective social lubricant, and helps people bond with one another. But he also cautions that, when alcohol is consumed alone, its benefits disappear. These ideas tracked with what I’d experienced over the course of the pandemic: I’d consumed wine more often than before, but without friends, I’d found it far less fun. As I reported further on the benefits of social drinking, I learned that light-to-moderate drinkers are psychologically healthier than nondrinkers—not because alcohol is itself good for you, but

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What Drink You Should Order On A First Date

First impressions are hard, I get it—but when it comes to meeting someone for the first time there are a couple things you can do to start off on the right foot. Play some hype up music while you get ready. Wear your favorite outfit. And make sure you know what you’re going to order if you happen to be meeting at a bar.

For first dates, it’s common to go out for a drink and see where the night takes you, but it’s also true that what you order on a first date might speak volumes about your personality

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Off The Menu: Starbucks coping with complex drink orders promote on social media

Social media, which offers anyone with a smartphone the chance to make a grab at their own 15 minutes of fame, has created a new set of opportunities — and challenges — for food service operations.

As reported on Buzzfeed, one recent social media fad has plagued Starbucks locations, as influencer-wannabes have been using the coffee house chain’s digital platform to create “appucinos,” elaborate drinks that can subsequently be hyped on Twitter, TikTok, and elsewhere in the social media realm.

Starbucks employees have taken to social media to complain of the complicated orders they are encountering as a result of

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