Off The Menu: Starbucks coping with complex drink orders promote on social media

Social media, which offers anyone with a smartphone the chance to make a grab at their own 15 minutes of fame, has created a new set of opportunities — and challenges — for food service operations.

As reported on Buzzfeed, one recent social media fad has plagued Starbucks locations, as influencer-wannabes have been using the coffee house chain’s digital platform to create “appucinos,” elaborate drinks that can subsequently be hyped on Twitter, TikTok, and elsewhere in the social media realm.

Starbucks employees have taken to social media to complain of the complicated orders they are encountering as a result of

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Beat the summer heat with these yummy drinks

If you’d like to cool off this summer, the drinks listed below will do the trick. These drinks will re-energise your body and flush out any harmful toxins that have accumulated in your system.

If you want to know how to refresh yourself this summer, here are the seven best drinks for you. They will revitalise your body and assist you in breaking free from any lethargy or boredom you may have experienced over the past year.

So start stocking up on your best-loved beverages right away. 

Cranberry juice

This summer, refresh yourself with these yummy drinks

Cranberry juice is

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Let’s Eat: Our New Food & Drink Editor is Ready to Dig In


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I can trace most of my life back through memories of food — probably because I tend to mark most occasions, good or bad, with a meal. Last year, before restaurants shut down but after my daughter found out that her senior-year trip to Europe had officially been canceled, we got angry at COVID together over pasta and garlic bread at The Saucy Noodle. When indoor dining came to a halt a week later, I drove to La Fogata for

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Is It Better To Drink Coffee In The Morning Or Afternoon For Work?

Those who rely on coffee to stay alert at work are very familiar with its benefits. Coffee stimulates the body’s nervous system, helping us to concentrate better and quicken reaction times.

Of course, there are downsides, too. Those who consume a lot of caffeine may also experience negative side effects, including rambling flow of thought and speech, muscle twitches, nausea, anxiety and insomnia.

But we do know that feeling alert after a cup of coffee can last up to six hours, on average. That’s why timing matters, too. So when is the best time of day to drink coffee

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What happens when you drink too much water

Following is a transcript of the video.

Narrator: What do you think of when you hear the word poison? Arsenic? Cyanide? How about water?

Life couldn’t exist without water. But in the right circumstance… Water can be as dangerous as any poison.
Here’s what happens when you drink too much water.

Your kidneys filter out excess waste and water from your bloodstream. But they can only process 800-1,000 mL of water an hour. And if you somehow manage to drink more than that without throwing up, you can run into trouble. Because you’re drinking faster than your kidneys can process

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Woman poured drink on Casey Anthony at bar during spat over ex: report

Casey Anthony says a woman doused her with a drink at a bar in Florida over the weekend — amid a spat over a man, according to a police report.

Anthony — who was acquitted a decade ago of murdering her 2-year-old daughter — called West Palm Beach cops from O’Shea’s Irish Pub after an argument over a man she and the drink-wielder had both previously dated turned messy, TMZ reported Monday, citing police.

Anthony told cops the woman, identified as Thelma Moya, poured a drink on her leg during the altercation.

The alleged incident was reported as someone

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What food or drink is the key to eternal life?

Elderly women smiling eating ice cream cones

Photo: Peter Macdiarmid (Getty Images)

Last week, we shared the story of Dexter Kruger, a retired cattle rancher and Australia’s oldest-ever man on record. At 111 years old, Kruger credits his longevity to one somewhat unusual snack: chicken brains, which he enjoys on a weekly basis. A few weeks before that, we reported on a 100-year-old Chicagoan who owed his long life to a steady diet of “cake and pie.” We’ve also covered a 101-year-old Pennsylvania man who indulged in a daily 4 p.m. Coors Light, as well as a 112-year-old woman who demanded a

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Why does the Indy 500 winner drink milk? A tradition explained

The 24th Indy 500, held in 1936, was the first to feature the Borg-Warner Trophy as the award for the winner, and the first time the winner was given the official pace car. But it’s what winner Louis Meyer did immediately after the race that initiated the most unusual of traditions.

Meyer, born in Manhattan, raised in Los Angeles, had already won the race twice when he pulled his Miller into Indianapolis Motor Speedway’s Victory Lane after more than four-and-a-half hours at the wheel on a warm day in May. Having been brought up believing in the nourishing and

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Ready-to-drink beverages are booming in Utah. Here’s a how they’re made, what they cost and where you can find them for summer sipping.

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Canned cocktails are the official sippers of summer.

“They’re meeting all the consumer demands right now,” said David Ozgo, Chief Economist with the Distilled Spirits Council of the United States. “All you have to do is crack it open — or twist the cap.”

The market for ready-to-drink cocktails in the U.S. has been growing in recent years, said Ozgo, as busy consumers look for more convenient ways to enjoy their favorite boozy beverages.

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27 Best Bars in America 2021

On April fifteenth, at 8:42 p.m., I had a drink.

Not on Zoom. Not alone on my couch. Not outside, under a heat lamp. Nope. Inside, on a stool, at the actual, physical bar. For the first time in more than a year. To sit shoulder to shoulder with friends again, chatting with the bartender about esoteric spirits, hearing the laughter of strangers—it felt new and raw. Even with the masked staff and social distancing, the experience was unexpectedly life-affirming. All of a sudden, I felt like me again.

Perhaps it was what I was drinking at Viridian, an Asian

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