Food guide to The Ray’s hotel eateries, bars

Sleek and modern, The Ray boutique hotel makes its debut in Pineapple Grove today, Sept. 1, bringing some shiny-new dining offerings to downtown Delray Beach’s expanding restaurant scene.

Branzino Veracruz is served at The Ray's Ember Grill with a stewed tomato-based sauce, olives, capers and broccolini.

Those offerings include a rooftop bar and restaurant, a classic grill helmed by a well-known Las Vegas chef, a lobby bar and a coffee shop. And opening closer to winter is a modern Japanese restaurant by Michelin-starred chef Akira Back, a former professional snowboarder turned chef with some 16 restaurants across the globe.

Sneak peek:Delray’s new luxury hotel gem is 2,200 square-foot floating glass cube, rooftop

There may be no waterfront

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the straw that stirs the drink

Good morning!

On Thursday night’s Sox Machine Live!, Josh and Bennett noted that Tim Anderson seems to be the spark plug for the team’s offense. Indeed, Anderson leads position players in WAR with 3.8 in addition to having the most hits, doubles, and steals. Something which stands out to me while looking at his stat line, though, is that Anderson has an outside chance at compiling a 20 HR, 20 SB season. Entering Friday’s night’s contest against the Cubs, Timmy is sitting on 14 home runs and 17 steals with 33 games to play. In franchise history there have been

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Starbucks Just Launched a Fall Drink Inspired by Apple Pie. Here’s How to Order it Vegan.

This week, Starbucks launched its anticipated fall menu which features a brand new beverage: the Apple Crisp Macchiato. The new apple-forward drink is made with a combination of milk, brewed espresso, apple brown sugar syrup, and comes topped with a spiced apple drizzle. The deep apple flavor of the beverage comes from apple purée, apple juice concentrate, cinnamon, nutmeg, brown sugar, and, luckily, zero animal products. To order the drink vegan, customers can swap the dairy milk for any of Starbucks’ four vegan milk options (oat, almond, soy, or coconut).

“For many customers, Starbucks signals the start of the fall

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Flamin’ Hot Mountain Dew, ‘most provocative’ PepsiCo drink yet on sale

The upcoming launch of the Flamin’ Hot Mountain Dew drink begs the question: Will it be sweet, spicy or taste like regret? 

Matt Nielsten, senior director of marketing at PepsiCo called the creation the company’s “most provocative” beverage yet.

“As a brand, DEW has a rich history of experimenting with new flavors our fans love. We certainly had them in mind when we developed the FLAMIN’ HOT beverage,” Nielsten said in a press release. “This is one of our most provocative beverages yet, and we’re excited for DEW Nation to taste the unique blend of spicy and classic sweet citrus

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Donald Newlove, 93, Dies; Novelist Explored the Depths of Drink

Donald Newlove, a recovered alcoholic who wrote acclaimed, brutally unsentimental novels and a memoir, all with a common theme — drunkenness — as well as cheeky primers on reading and writing, died on Aug. 17 in Bethesda, Md. He was 93.

The cause was complications of a broken hip, said Lisa Brannock, his stepdaughter and closest survivor.

Mr. Newlove’s novels — among them “The Painter Gabriel” (1970), “The Drunks” (1974) and “Sweet Adversity” (1978) — were met with critical praise. Time magazine described “The Painter Gabriel,” his first, as “one of the best fictional studies of madness, descent and purification

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One Major Side Effect of Pumpkin Spice Drinks, Experts Say

You’ve probably heard that Starbucks has just released this year’s pumpkin spice latte. For PSL lovers who can have dairy, this came as exciting news. However, an Eat This, Not That! nutrition analysis has highlighted a significant issue with some pumpkin-flavored drinks for consumers with one particular dietary restriction. Here’s what nutrition experts suggest you may want to know.

After Starbucks dropped their fall menu on Wednesday, we heard from one reader who was seeking recommendations for dairy-free pumpkin drinks after they’d visited one of the major chains. (In this case, it wasn’t Starbucks.) “[I] couldn’t wait to have a

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The Beverly Hills Housewives Cannot Get Over Sutton Stracke’s Wild Drink Order

On the August 25 episode of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, Sutton Stracke ordered up a glass of champagne — with a twist. The boutique owner, who’s known to drink champagne with ice, also likes her bubbly with a shot of vodka. And her castmates have some feelings about that.

When Sutton placed her boozy order at the outdoor bar, Kyle Richards said: “Vodka in champagne? This goes against everything I’ve been taught my whole life,” adding, “you are an animal.” Meanwhile, Garcelle Beauvais quipped: “She’s a mess!” Later, Sutton revealed that the drink in question

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20 Refreshing Drinks for When You Just Can’t Sip Any More Water

You might already be dreaming about mugs of hot apple cider or pumpkin spice lattes. But we’re not there yet. It’s still cool beverage season, and some refreshing drinks are just what we need to get us through summer’s final (we hope) wave.

This time of year, water alone won’t really cut it. You’ve been guzzling from that reusable bottle all season long, and even the usual tips like adding a squeeze of lime or stirring in some muddled berries may not be bringing you much joy.

DIY drinks like agua frescas, lemonades, flavored iced teas, and even some iced

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People In This State Drink the Most Beer, New Data Suggests

Depending on where you live, you may be in good company if you’ve ever bashfully nudged a server to please clear the empties from your table! That’s according to a research company that’s analyzed the self-reported beer tolerance levels of residents within each state.

Upgraded Points asked 2,000 people across the country to share how many half-liter bottles of domestic beer they can drink before they start to feel the effects of alcohol. The national average was 3.49 beers, totaling about $431 per year, or $25,000 spent on beer over the average American lifetime!

Keep reading to see which states

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Charleston GazetteThe Food Guy: Epic food-and-drink events fill three …VIP tickets offer one-hour early access, plus reserved indoor seating and servers taking drink orders. Live music, entertainment and children's …1 day ago

Charleston GazetteThe Food Guy: Epic food-and-drink events fill three …VIP tickets offer one-hour early access, plus reserved indoor seating and
servers taking drink orders. Live music, entertainment and children’s …1 day ago… Read More