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On New Year’s Eve, 22 smart reasons not to drink and drive

The New Year of 2022 is practically here. But before all the New Year’s Eve celebrations begin, it’s essential to understand one very key point. 

None of us should be getting behind the wheel of a car if we’ve been drinking. That applies not just to this New Year’s Eve, of course, but to any day or night of any year. 

Life simply has no rewind option.


Consider this statistic: The National Institute of Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism reports that 40% of deadly crashes between Christmas and New Year’s involve drunk

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Science Says You Should Drink This Much Coffee in 2022

With just hours to go in 2021 as I write this, Happy New Year!

(Also: Drink more coffee.)

I know those two thoughts don’t necessarily go together, so let me explain. We start with the fact that I’m all for self-improvement, but I’m not the biggest fan of New Year’s Resolutions.  

Tying progress to the start of the year seems like a lot of unnecessary pressure. Also, for a lot of people (myself included), the 10 days or so before January 1 (the last few days of pre-Christmas planning and shopping, through a 7 or 10 day vacation period) are

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Time MagazineThe Pandemic Changed How We Drink. It's Time to Go Back to the Joy of Social DrinkingAs pandemic lockdowns ease and we return to ordinary life rhythms, the revival of social drinking should be embraced with euphoric gusto..18 hours ago

Time MagazineThe Pandemic Changed How We Drink. It’s Time to Go Back to the Joy of
Social DrinkingAs pandemic lockdowns ease and we return to ordinary life rhythms, the
revival of social drinking should be embraced with euphoric gusto..18 hours ago… Read More

Where’s the eggnog? Supply chain issue impacts holiday drink

Eggnog might be harder to find this year as a supply chain issue impacts at least one producer. (Getty Images)

(NEXSTAR) – With Christmas just a few days away, many are stocking up on holiday favorites, including eggnog. Unfortunately for some, the ‘nog shelf may be empty.

A supply issue with butterfat, the fatty portion of milk and a key ingredient to eggnog, is keeping Organic Valley from putting its eggnog on store shelves this holiday season, a spokesperson told Nexstar.

The Wisconsin-based company works with 1,800 farmers to supply dairy products – like milk, cream and butter – nationwide.

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MONDAYS WITH MICHAELE: It’s Christmas! Drink Up! | Lost Coast Outpost

It’s countdown to Christmas, Humboldt! Are your presents all wrapped? Are your stockings all hung? Is the stress getting to you? Ack! Your President of Positivity recommends a glass of wine to help take the holiday edge off and this week she’s sipping her way to jolliness with some friends down at Old Growth Cellars, that wine spot you’ve heard about just off Broadway in Eureka. 

Click the clip above to join in the boozy fun and have yourself a merry Humboldt Christmas. Ciao Bella!

# # #

Perhaps You’d Like to Explore Previous Mondays With Michaele For Some

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Florida woman poisons boyfriend’s drink because he ‘wouldn’t shut up’

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. (FIRSTCOASTNEWS) — A Jacksonville woman allegedly poisoned her boyfriend’s drink because he wouldn’t stop talking.

Alvis Parrish, 54, is facing charges of poisoning food or water with intent to kill or injure.

According to an arrest report from the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office, deputies responded to a home on Dec. 7 in reference to a poisoning.

When law enforcement got there, Parrish was sitting on her front porch yelling at them, reported local NBC/ABC affiliate First Coast News.

As deputies got closer to her, Parrish reportedly said, “Yeah, I did it… because he wouldn’t shut the f*** up.”


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Dry skin: The winter drinks that can damage skin and ‘dry it from the inside’

Dry skin can become a common problem in the winter months due to freezing, dry conditions. However, your favourite hot drink during the winter months could also contribute to itchy or flaky skin.

According to nutritional expert and Pura Collagen founder Jennifer Mo, some of the main culprits include coffee and hot chocolate.

She said: “While hydration is key, hot drinks often mean drinking more tea and coffee which in fact can lead to drier skin due to their diuresis effects.”

Coffee and hot chocolate could be some of the worst offenders.

Speaking to Everyday Health, David E Banks, director

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Justice for Eggnog

Photo: bhofack2/Getty Images/iStockphoto

It has recently come to my attention that some people don’t like eggnog. This information is news to me. I was under the impression that most people agree eggnog is a delicious seasonal treat to be consumed no more than once a year. I was wrong, though: Many, many mean blogs have confirmed that eggnog is a decidedly unpopular Christmas drink.

To which I ask, Why??? Too creamy? Too seasonal? Too perfect to pair with bourbon, whipped cream, and a sprinkle of cinnamon? Upon further research, it looks as if people have a few main reasons for

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The Best Time Of Day To Drink Coffee, According To Sleep Experts

According to a study of 2,259 Hungarians on the intersection of chronotype and caffeine consumption, researchers found that a love of soda, energy drinks, and coffee was associated with eveningness (Wolves), as was caffeine use disorder, or an inability to kick the coffee habit and persistent use of it even when it was damaging. Morning types (Lions), on the other hand, preferred tea and had higher levels of well-being.

The threat of caffeine use disorder (CUD) isn’t benign for Wolves. It can have serious consequences. In a 49-day sleep study by researchers at the University of Colorado, participants were given

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