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Longitudinal associations between objective and perceived healthy food environment and diet: The Multi-Ethnic Study of Atherosclerosis

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Soc Sci Med. 2021 Nov 6:114542. doi: 10.1016/j.socscimed.2021.114542. Online ahead of print.


INTRODUCTION: Research examining the influence of neighborhood healthy food environment on diet has been mostly cross-sectional and has lacked robust characterization of the food environment. We examined longitudinal associations between features of the local food environment and healthy diet, and whether associations were modified by race/ethnicity.

METHODS: Data on 3634 adults aged 45-84 followed for 10 years were obtained from the Multi-Ethnic Study of Atherosclerosis. Diet quality was assessed using the Alternative Healthy Eating Index at Exam 1 (2000-2002) and Exam

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What foods boost gut health? A doctor reveals the biggest mistake you can make

It’s impossible to talk about the gut without getting a little scatological.

The human gut runs from your stomach on down — at its most fundamental level, the gut is composed of a series of stages that takes the food you put in, processes it, and then puts out the waste materials. But the work of digestion isn’t accomplished by your cells alone. Rather, it is the collective work of billions of micro-organisms.

This mega colony, also known as the microbiome, that lives in your gut helps break down food by absorbing some of what you eat. And as Napoleon

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Fox 4 Beaumont.Couple turns troubles into motivation and opens a restaurant with healthy food options.Couple turns troubles into motivation and opens a restaurant with healthy food options. by MELLO STYLES. Monday, November 22nd 2021..2 hours ago

Fox 4 Beaumont.Couple turns troubles into motivation and opens a restaurant with healthy
food options.Couple turns troubles into motivation and opens a restaurant with healthy
food options. by MELLO STYLES. Monday, November 22nd 2021..2 hours ago… Read More

Why Amy Thinks Price Of Healthy Food Hinders Weight Loss

Amy Slaton still struggles with her weight loss journey in 1000-lb Sisters. Amy explained unhealthy food is much more affordable than nutritious food.

Amy and Tammy Slaton’s weight loss journeys have been hampered by a wide range of obstacles throughout the duo’s run in 1000-lb Sisters, and one consistent struggle for the siblings is affording their new lifestyle. Amy was able to meet her weight loss goals in season 1, but the TV personality has struggled to keep up with the expenses of her healthy diet. From the Slaton sisters’ financially insecure background to the cheaper cost of unhealthier

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Healthy food and wellness options seven days a week at Agoria Market

PETERSBURG – Joseph “Joey” Puletti is on a mission to provide accessible healthy food and wellness options to Petersburg and surrounding areas.

Now open across the street from the historic Petersburg Courthouse, Agoria Market LLC’s focus is in the development of local food systems to increase access to healthy and local food options.

Agoria’s products are intentionally chosen to provide individuals with produce, pre-made meals, bulk dry goods, herbs, supplements, snacks, lifestyle accessories, and other essentials.

Items on sale at Agoria Market in Petersburg, Va.

‘The Page Turner’ donated to library: Petersburg Public Library exhibits new painting with historic landmarks

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How Racism Shapes Our Perception Of Healthy Food

The following is an excerpt from How the Other Half Eats: The Untold Story of Food and Inequality in America by Priya Fielding-Singh.

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How the Other Half Eats: The Untold Story of Food and Inequality in America

The first time I met Dana Williams, she and I chatted at one of a handful of wooden tables inside a supermarket. We sat kitty corner from each other, the smell of pastrami and pasta salad from the deli just a few feet away filling our noses. During the conversation, Dana’s thirteen- year- old daughter, Madison, kept herself entertained by

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Eat Just Right: Build A Healthy Food Chart

Image: Shutterstock

One primary piece of advice that was omnipresent in our growing-up years was to eat healthily. The balanced diet and the food charts that we came across in our science textbooks became null and void after we reached adulthood. But the fact of the matter is that these food charts are not just for kids and teens, they suit an adult’s health as well.

In fact, a healthy, balanced diet will vary depending on one’s age, lifestyle and physical activity, but following a balanced diet with nutritious food contributes to a malnutrition-free environment. It also helps us fight

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AHA’s guidance for a heart-healthy diet: The 10 key requirements

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The American Heart Association has updated its recommendations about heart-healthy eating. Sergio Marcos/Stocksy
  • Following its 2006 scientific statement, the American Heart Association (AHA) has updated its nutritional recommendations for 2021.
  • The wide-ranging recommendations aim to provide guidance regardless of what we eat or who we are.
  • The paper emphasizes the importance of healthy eating throughout one’s life.

The AHA’s “2021 Dietary Guidance to Improve Cardiovascular Health” has fresh recommendations informed by the latest research and designed to accommodate today’s diverse tastes and eating habits.

The new scientific statement focuses on the value of an overall heart-healthy

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Fusion Yoga, healthy food at Ministry of Ayush’s pavilion at IITF-2021

As the India International Trade Fair kicks off today, the stall of Ministry of Ayush witnessed live performance of fusion yoga by practitioners from Morarji Desai National Institute of Yoga, free medical consultation by experts of various Ayush streams and a display of various food items that promote nutrition and good health.

The activities at the pavilion revolved around the theme of ‘Holistic health, Nutritious Diet’, which the Ministry of Ayush propagates through various Indian traditional medicine systems.

Various institutes and research bodies of Ayurveda, Yoga and Naturopathy, Unani, Siddha and Homeopathy streams have set up their counters at the

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Benefits of a Healthy Diet for African Children

GLASGOW, United Kingdom — Poverty affects the lifestyle options of people living in Africa. In particular, a healthier diet is more expensive than commonly consumed food, leading many African families with insufficient funds to eat unbalanced meals. Most families do not know the effects of particular foods on the bodies and minds of their children. Often, people eat what they can find or afford without taking the time to evaluate the food’s quality. The benefits of a healthy diet for African children are that it can help eliminate undernutrition and unbalanced nutrition, two of the most common phenomena in Africa.

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