Junk Food

How to move away from a junk food diet for plants and ourselves

Elevated carbon in the atmosphere is the nightmare that keeps on giving as we head into a summer of fire and fury. This column and its predecessor outlined the changes we can make to try to stop carbon emissions. Choose renewable energy for your home. Change your diet. Consume less stuff. And maybe face the fact that a keep cup in your brand new diesel SUV is a misread of the situation.

Hopefully we will transition out of fossil fuel dependence. But we will be living with elevated carbon for the foreseeable future. One of the lesser known consequences is

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The Most Popular Junk Food in America, New Data Shows

Whether you find yourself grabbing a handful of candy at the movies or making a beeline for the chips at your summer barbecue, everyone has their particular vices when it comes to food. However, as unique as your typical junk food urges may seem to you, your munchies may have more in common with your neighbors than you think.

In honor of National Junk Food Day on July 21, researchers at Zippia, The Career Expert, compiled data from Google Trends to identify the most popular junk food snacks in each of the 50 states.

Read on to discover what

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What are your junk food cravings? Did cereal make that list?

Wednesday, July 21st is National Junk Food Day, something we can all get a little excited about! It’s not like we need an excuse to eat junk food but this helps.

Live in the D host, Jason Carr chatted with AJ Williams, Managing Editor of the Michigan Chronicle who also has a blog, Single Black Chick, Jason Hall with Ridetroit, and Mark Sobolewski, a local teacher, actor, and comedian.

These friends of the show answered questions about the junk food they like and other questions like: Are you a sweet or salty junk food person? Do you get cravings for

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Check out what Google search trends reveal is ND’s favorite ‘junk food’

If data from Google is correct, North Dakotans have a sweet tooth for apple crumb pie, rhubarb cake and pizza cakes.

Equipment online auction site Bid-On-Equipment analyzed Google search trends for more than 5,000 junk food-related terms and keywords to find the most popular junk food in each state.

Nationwide, the most popular junk food items are donuts, cakes, cream pies, ice cream and cupcakes.

In North Dakota, our tastes are apparently a little more specific: Apple crumb pie or cake, rhubarb cake and pizza cakes.

Pizza cakes are where you bake a multi-layer pizza in a cake pan or

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Combo meal deals and price discounts on fast food encourage us to eat more junk. It’s time for policy action

Australians love to eat out, especially fast food. About a third of household food budgets are spent on food prepared outside the home, with most of us consuming it on average two or three times a week.

The high level of fast food consumption in Australia is a serious health concern. Accordingly, the marketing tactics of the fast food industry warrant close attention.

Our new study, published today, examined the price promotions offered by the biggest fast food chains in Australia.

We found the “combination meal deals” and “limited time” offers from the major chains provide strong

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Nutritionist’s Cupboard of Years-Old Junk Food That Never Spoils Sparks Controversy

A TikToker’s recent viral video, in which she reveals her nutritionist mom’s approach to educating others on the dangers of processed food, has created fierce debate in the comments section. However, Leyla Kandemir, the nutritionist behind the unusual tactic, is fine with the controversy—as long as it gets people talking.

UK-based TikToker Elif Kandemir, known on the app as @elifgkandemir, posted the clip last week, showing a neatly organized cupboard full of plastic bins. Inside each one is an array of foods that reportedly never spoil, despite being kept for numerous years, including burgers, fries, pizza, candy, donuts, and

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Ford Maverick Team’s Secret To Success Was Junk Food

“We had chocolate peanut butter pie. One of my favorites was a limited-edition watermelon, which we didn’t actually serve. But we had maple, carrot cake, mint, red velvet, birthday cake, s’mores, rocky road. They had apple pie Oreos, where the actual cookie was graham cracker.”

Around 100 packages of the cookies were consumed in the final weeks before the truck’s final deadline. Nabisco, Oreo’s parent company, found out about the team’s obsession (and that they displayed empty Oreo packaging on the walls) and asked them to participate in the “Oreo Thins Protection Program,” a promotion that gives away packs of

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Brendan took Hellthy Junk Food to Kappy’s Subs

Orlando-based viral YouTubers Julia Goolia and JP Lambiase of Hellthy Junk Food (Website), who we’ve written about previously HERE, have just released the latest video in their tour of local mom and pop hotpots, and this time they went to Kappy’s Subs (Website) in Maitland.

The popular spot, located at 5501 Orlando Avenue [GMap], is a no-frills diner that serves up a tasty menu of subs, cheesesteaks, hand-dipped milkshakes, and hotdogs counter-side and they’ve been doing it for over half of a century.

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[email protected]: Racist junk food ads | Do sugary drinks cause colon cancer?

Black and Hispanic youth unfairly targeted by ads for junk food

There is a growing disparity with regard to fast-food ads aimed at marginalized groups compared with their white peers. Restaurants including McDonald’s, Domino’s and Taco Bell spent over $1.5 billion on TV ads in 2019 to target Black and Hispanic children. That same year Black youth viewed 75% more fast-food ads than their white counterparts, while no healthy items were promoted on Spanish-language TV. Furthermore, the majority of these ads promoted full-calorie, adult-sized, regular menu items (not kids’ meals) over more nutritious alternatives. Medical News Today reports.

Colon cancer

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Junk Food Alley, Midway rides draw patrons for return of TRF

FORT WAYNE, Ind. (Fort Wayne’s NBC) – The long-running tradition of food and fun associated with the Three Rivers Festival was silenced in 2020 by the COVID-19 health threat.

But the major summer-time attraction is back on track in 2021.

The official kickoff of this year’s festival happened at 11 o’clock Friday morning, as TRF board members, the director of city parks and recreation and the owner of Ruoff Mortgage, the title sponsor, used scissors to cut a ribbon and launch the nine-day event.

Tantalizing smells from stands along Junk Food Alley drew patrons to the festival grounds around noon

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