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Losing weight changes the way people respond to food marketing

VANCOUVER, British Columbia — “Do you want fries with that?” It’s age-old question anyone buying fast food knows well. However, is the relentless advertising for sugary drinks and high-fat junk food something that people can overcome? Researchers with the University of British Columbia and the Pitié-Salpêtrière Hospital in Paris say marketing schemes really do tempt some people more than others, but losing weight can change all that.

According to lead study author Dr. Yann Cornil, an assistant professor at UBC’s School of Business, people with weight issues have a weakness to the almost constant bombardment of advertising campaigns designed to

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Wendy’s Modifying Their Fries and Taco Bell Enters The Chicken Sandwich Battle

Wendy’s is reformulating its fries to help keep them tasty for people who order delivery and Taco Bell’s take on a fried chicken sandwich is ready to debut.

Next month Wendy’s will debut a new fry recipe.  They have reformulated their current fries to keep them crispier longer.  This is a move to accommodate more delivery orders that are taking a little longer to get to hungry customers.


In the next week (or couple days if you’re a Taco Bell Rewards member) Taco Bell will debut their entry into the fried chicken sandwich war.

Taco Bell is already

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The Best Foods to Eat at the New York State Fair

Living in New York City, state fairs and their peculiar combination of agriculture, junk food, and educational features are probably not on everyone’s mind. But believe it or not, New York’s was first in the nation, founded in 1841, establishing a model for all state fairs that followed. Ours is scarcely more than four hours away by car, and also easily reachable by train or bus, and features not only food and educational exhibits, but concerts on two stages (with free shows by Nelly, Third Eye Blind, Melissa Etheridge, and Sheena Easton in the coming days), carnival rides, unexpected exhibits

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Study finds US kids eat mostly junk food. Here are 6 tips to reduce sugar in kids’ diets

Study finds US kids eat mostly junk food. Here are 6 tips to reduce sugar in kids’ diets | GMA

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Children have gained weight during the pandemic as junk food consumption rises

Pandemic-related weight gain is becoming a problem for children and it could be due to the rise of eating processed food, recent studies suggest.

A new study from the Pediatric Obesity journal reports that unhealthy dietary habits and a sedentary lifestyle may have adversely impacted children throughout the coronavirus pandemic.

“Concerns about children’s health behaviors during the pandemic have been reflected through commentaries forecasting the immediate and distal effects of COVID-19 on children’s activity, sleep, dietary intake, and screen time,” the study states. “Initial cross-sectional and longitudinal studies indicate children are less active, consume more snacks, and engage in more

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A viral TikTok of a pantry full of 2-year-old junk food with no mold has sparked a debate about healthy diets

  • A TikTok of a pantry full of two-year-old junk food got over 3 million views.

  • In the video, Elif Kandemir explains that her mother keeps the food to see whether it will “go off.”

  • It sparked a debate about whether a lack of mold means the food is unhealthy.

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A pantry at the Kandemir house is filled with old junk food. Elif Kandemir/TikTok

A video tour of a pantry filled with two-year-old junk food including Domino’s pizza and McDonald’s burgers went viral on TikTok.

Elif Kandemir has over 7,000 followers on TikTok at

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A new era for junk-food advertising?

The draft HFSS advertising restrictions are a roll-back from a total ban but may still present challenges for food advertisers

The government has announced that new rules on advertising “unhealthy” foods will come into effect at the end of 2022. The restrictions will apply to advertising of categories of food that are linked to childhood obesity and meet the definition of high-in-fat, salt and sugar (HFSS) products. The ban, as described in the draft Health and Care Bill, will apply to paid-for online advertising, as well as ads before 9pm on TV and on-demand programmes.

The ban has been widely

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‘Morbidly obese’ young mum who gorged on junk food sheds seven stone after having ‘miracle baby’

A young mum who was branded ‘morbidly obese’ by medics after tipping the scales at 16.5 stone has told how she shed almost 100lbs in just 18 months.

Jessica Kaur Nagra was overjoyed at learning she was pregnant in 2019 after previously being warned she would struggle to conceive.

The 26-year-old said she used her pregnancy as an excuse to gorge on junk food – with her favourite being chicken nuggets – with the pounds quickly adding up.

She was at her heaviest when she welcomed her first-born son Ruben in February 2020 and vowed to shed the excess weight,

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Viral TikTok sparks debate over how ‘healthy’ American junk food is compared to Japan

A woman has sparked a debate about junk food in America after claiming that “unhealthy” food in Japan is far better for you.

TikToker Sunnie Cherie (@trashbuns) said that, from her own personal experience, she believes Japan’s fast food is much healthier than the equivalent in the US and that she had lost a lot of weight through eating it.

She posted a video with the caption: “ Literally are [sic] JUNK for at least 2 meals a day In japan and lost POUNDS.”

Wearing sunglasses while nodding to Ocean Prime, by Bfb Da Packman – a

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[email protected]: Kids are eating mostly junk food | Gut health and age reversal

If you think your kids are eating mostly junk food, a new study finds you’re right

A new study reveals that two-thirds—or 67%—of calories consumed by children and adolescents in 2018 came from ultra-processed foods, a jump from 61% in 1999 “This is particularly worrisome for children and adolescents because they are at a critical life stage to form dietary habits that can persist into adulthood,” Fang Fang Zhang, the study’s senior author and a nutrition and cancer epidemiologist at Tufts University’s Friedman School of Nutrition Science and policy told NPR. “A diet high in ultra-processed foods may negatively

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