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‘Eating Junk Food for a Month Aged My Body by 10 Years’

For BBC documentary What Are We Feeding our Kids?, Doctor Chris van Tulleken spent a month eating junk food to help uncover and understand the link between rapid weight-gain and processed food.

At the end of the experiment, the 42-year-old put on a stone (14lbs/6kg) in just 28 days and has said that the aggressive diet caused his body to age by 10 years.

Van Tulleken, also a host of CBBC medical show Operation Ouch!, admitted the fast food experiment caused him to experience piles, erectile dysfunction and anxiety, while addictive tendencies began to form in his mind

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How to Beat Your Junk Food Addiction, With Michael Moss

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This week we’re conquering our addiction to processed foods with help from Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist, Michael Moss. Michael is the author of the New York Times bestselling Salt Sugar Fat: How the Food Giants Hooked Us, and his latest book is called Hooked: Food, Free Will, and How the Food Giants Exploit Our Addictions.

Tune in to hear Michael explain some of the psychological and biological reasons for how and why we get hooked on junk food, and some of the science-backed tips and tricks we can use to start fighting these bad

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Four weeks of junk food took 10 years off my life: Doctor

A British physician who used his body as a test subject claims that one month on a junk food diet has shaved 10 years off his life.

For four grueling weeks, Chris van Tulleken, an infectious diseases doctor for the University College London Hospital system, ate a strict diet of frozen pizza, fried chicken, fish sticks, cereals and other ready-made meals which pack a long list of chemical ingredients.

Van Tulleken chronicled the effects of the diet in a new BBC show, “What Are We Feeding Our Kids?” It exposed the “catastrophic” toll of what he calls “Ultra Processed Foods,”

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Government accused of ‘nutty nanny statism’ over plan to ban junk food adverts on TV before 9pm and TOTALLY online

Refinery 29 UK

The Halston Cast Look So Much Like The Real People In The Designer’s Orbit

Mild spoilers are ahead. The new Netflix limited series Halston has already come under fire from the late designer’s estate: the Halston Archives and Family claim it is “an inaccurate, fictionalized account.” However, the cast of Halston did try to capture their real-life counterparts as best they could within the storyline, based on journalist Steven Gaines’ Halston biography, Simply Halston: The Untold Story. So while you may want to watch with a healthy dose of skepticism about what’s real and what’s been embellished

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U.K. Unveils Junk Food Ad Ban Online to Help Curb Obesity

Junk food commercials will be banned on British television before 9 p.m. and outlawed completely online, under new government proposals to curb rising obesity levels.

Boris Johnson’s administration will also force firms with more than 250 employees — including restaurant and pub chains — to list calories on food. Promotions like “buy one get one free” on high fat, salt and sugar food and drinks will be restricted in supermarkets from next April.

The changes are part of the Health and Care Bill unveiled Tuesday as the government set out its legislative program for the U.K.’s revival after the coronavirus

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Mon Valley Red Top and White Top pizzas are junk-food delights | Restaurant Reviews | Pittsburgh

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CP Photo: Ryan Deto

The White Top from Armando’s Pizza

Regional pizza styles born and bred in the greater Pittsburgh area are finally starting to see some love. Food publications are now focusing on Ohio Valley Pizza, with its airy crust and cold cheese added just after exiting the oven, resulting in a gooey, but not greasy pie. Pittsburgh City Paper even featured Altoona Hotel Pizza — made with genoa salami, a green pepper ring, and topped with square slices of yellow cheese — to the disgust and delight

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Healthy Versions of Old-School Junk-Food Snacks You’d Want to Try

Americans love to snack. The market research firm NPD reported that we consumed nearly 386 billion ready-to-eat individual snack foods in 2018. Another marketing survey forecast that the salty snacks market alone in the U.S. will exceed $29 billion in 2022, up from $24 billion in 2017. And while healthier snacks are trending, NPD notes that “indulgent snack foods are also staging a comeback by walking the line between health and enjoyment.”

People tend to remember the snack foods of their youth — or even just the snack foods they ate up until a few years back but have since

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Climate Change Has Turned The Kansas Prairie Into Junk Food That’s Killing Grasshoppers

Ellen Welti has a Ph.D. in, essentially, grasshoppers.

And yet she was still mystified about why the number of grasshoppers in a long-protected and much-studied patch of Kansas prairie was dropping. Steadily. For 25 years.

After all, the grass that the springy bugs feast on had actually grown more robustly as it absorbed mounting levels of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere.

So why were the grasshoppers faring increasingly worse?

“We thought that this is a pretty nice habitat for grasshoppers,” she said.

The insects dwell on the Konza Long-Term Ecological Research site. Their home sat in preserve, shielded from development,

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How to Get Out of a Junk Food Rut & Start Losing Weight by an RD

Plopping down in front of the TV with a bag of chips or a pint of brownie fudge ice cream sounds good to us right about now. Amid the months of pandemic isolation, it’s no surprise that millions of Americans turned to bad-for-you foods, snacks, and sweets as a source of comfort, and gained their COVID-19 pounds in the process. But now is the moment to turn it around. Below, nutritionists share their best strategies to avoid unhealthy eating and get back on track.

1. Cut out all refined carbohydrates

This means cut out chips, pasta, bread, cookies, crackers, and

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BuzzFeedPick Some Junk Food To Reveal If You're More Like SpongeBob Or Patrick StarPick a junk food: Burger. burger with lettuce and tomato. Burger. Food Photographer David Fedulov on Unsplash. Pizza. round pizza. Pizza.2 weeks ago

BuzzFeedPick Some Junk Food To Reveal If You’re More Like SpongeBob Or Patrick StarPick a junk food: Burger. burger with lettuce and tomato. Burger. Food
Photographer David Fedulov on Unsplash. Pizza. round pizza. Pizza.2 weeks ago… Read More