Milwaukee Food Truck Fest sells out

The first-of-its-kind MKE Food Truck Fest sold out Saturday, July 24 – the first “fest” at Henry Maier Festival Park since the COVID-19 pandemic began.

There is a foodie in everyone, and OnMilwaukee’s inaugural Food Truck Fest was a one-stop shop for a blast to the tastebuds.

“We have offerings from Peruvian food to cheese curds to lemonade to ice cream,” said Molly Snyder with OnMilwaukee. “It’s really

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Survey finds people unsure of safe meat cooking temperatures

More than half of Northern Ireland’s home cooks are unclear about how to barbeque meat to the correct safe temperatures, according to recently released survey results.

Results revealed that 55 percent of participants didn’t know what temperature meat should be cooked to. Responses ranged from 30 degrees C to 260 degrees C (86 degrees F to 500 degrees F). About half of people surveyed at least occasionally overcooked meat to ensure it was safe to eat.

Research by safefood found fewer than 2 percent of 1,052 adults on the island of Ireland are following all necessary the food safety checks

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5 things to know in Austin food: Local brewery drafts top food trucks

Editor’s note: We get it. It can be difficult to keep up with the fast pace of Austin’s restaurant and bar scene. We have you covered with our regular roundup of essential food news.


Meanwhile, at … uhh … Meanwhile Brewing Company, some tasty transitions are in the works. The popular brewery/outdoor park space/music venue has welcomed some of the city’s hottest culinary operations to its own food truck park. Moving from its former east side home to the South Austin space is chef Damian Brockway’s truck Distant Relatives, which specializes in what he’s dubbed

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A fermented-food diet increases microbiome diversity and lowers inflammation, Stanford study finds | News Center

Microbe diversity stable in fiber-rich diet

By contrast, none of these 19 inflammatory proteins decreased in participants assigned to a high-fiber diet rich in legumes, seeds, whole grains, nuts, vegetables and fruits. On average, the diversity of their gut microbes also remained stable. “We expected high fiber to have a more universally beneficial effect and increase microbiota diversity,” said Erica Sonnenburg, PhD, a senior research scientist in basic life sciences, microbiology and immunology. “The data suggest that increased fiber intake alone over a short time period is insufficient to increase microbiota diversity.”

The study published online July 12 in

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How to Make TikTok Whipped Lemonade

Move over whipped coffee — TikTok has, quite literally, whipped together a whole new drink for our taste buds to try out: whipped lemonade! The frothy drink is practically made for poolside sippin’, and yes, it makes for a good picture too. In the rare chance you haven’t seen whipped lemonade pop up on your For You page on TikTok, it’s essentially an elevated lemonade that contains condensed milk and lemonade — that’s it! TikTok users are putting their own spin on it by adding Kool-Aid packets, booze, coconut milk, whipped cream, and more, but it’s all the same at

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You Can Get Paid $100,000 To Eat Tacos

There is a certain pleasure that comes with eating food but there’s an even more special pleasure with eating tacos. Perhaps it’s not backed by science, but I stand by it, and it seems McCormick agrees because they want to pay someone $100,000 to eat tacos. This is not a drill.

Consider this your official call out because the brand wants to hire a Director of Taco Relations and wants only true taco fanatics to apply. If that sounds like you or someone you know, the application process is all online but you should know there are some particular responsibilities

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Expect these 5 foods to cost more

A significant side effect of the coronavirus pandemic is the current inflation consumers are experiencing. According to NBC News, consumers saw price hikes for the third straight month in June, jumping 5.4 percent year over year as demand outweighs supply. From the price of gas to the grocery store, there’s no way around the fact that as the world reopens, we’ll be paying more to get our usual goods including that morning cup of jo.

Jayson L. Lusk, a distinguished professor and head of the Department of Agricultural Economics at Purdue University told TODAY Food that one of the biggest

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Food halls opening up in several Orlando neighborhoods

ORLANDO, Fla. – Food halls are not new but they are a growing trend in Central Florida’s dining scene.

Orlando already has East End Market, but soon at least three more food halls will be opening their doors across the City Beautiful. Milkhouse is coming to the Milk District, Bumby Arcade and South Orange Provisions are setting up shop downtown and The Hall On The Yard is opening up in Ivanhoe Village.

Each location is promising multiple dining and beverage options for people to enjoy.

Milkhouse is being headed up by Foxtail Coffee, which will be opening a new location

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Why staff at this Burger King quit, wrote about it on their sign

A Burger King sign has gone viral after employees at a Lincoln, Nebraska location used it to announce they were “all” quitting.

One of the former employees from the location told TODAY Food that the sign came after months of short staffing, managerial turnover and “hectic” work conditions.

“We had just got really tired of upper management and them not coming to help and not caring about the employees,” said Rachael Flores, the former general manager of the Havelock Avenue location, who told TODAY that she had put in her two weeks’ notice alongside several other employees at the end

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