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A “shot” and a beer, donut deliveries, and more Pittsburgh food news | Food | Pittsburgh

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Photo: Courtesy of Wigle Whiskey

Phil’s Shadow Whiskey

Hilltop Pharmacy x Leo. a public house
1207 Allegheny Ave., Manchester.
This local pub and pharmacy have teamed up to bring you another “shot and a beer” event, this time encouraging Pittsburghers to get their COVID-19 booster shots. The event will take place at Leo. a public house on Sat., Jan. 15 from 4-6 p.m.

Pamela’s Diner
1711 Murray Ave., Squirrel Hill.
Pamela’s is set to close the Squirrel Hill location of its popular breakfast chain after 42 years

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Two New Sources for Food News

There are two new sources for food news, one audio, the other visual. Whetstone Radio Collective, a network for podcasts founded by Stephen Satterfield, a writer and media entrepreneur, started with a narrative about climate and food on Dec. 8, with nine more programs covering topics like rituals and culinary traditions, mezcal and ancestral foodways in Indigenous communities. It’s part of Whetstone Media, which also publishes a magazine. Broken Palate is an online food newsletter on the Substack platform that made its debut last week and plans to feature four to five posts a week on assorted topics relating to

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Restaurants anxious as omicron, high food costs take toll

DETROIT (AP) — While restaurants in the U.S. and United Kingdom are open without restrictions and often bustling, they are entering their second winter of the coronavirus pandemic anxious about what’s ahead: They’re squeezed by labor shortages and skyrocketing food costs and the omicron variant is looming.

“I’m extremely worried. I’ve never felt like we were out of the woods,” said Caroline Glover, chef and owner of the restaurant Annette in the Denver suburb of Aurora.

The rapid spread of omicron already is pummeling the industry in Britain and elsewhere, with restaurants, hotels and pubs reporting cancellations at the

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Is there a connection between artificial food dye and kids’ behavior?

The rules in the Snow family household were simple. If Emily Snow’s first grader, Evan, made it through the evening without kicking, biting or hitting, he could have his favorite treat: three pieces of chewy red candy.

But Evan rarely got his prize. 

“He was volatile from morning to night,” Snow, of Roy, Utah, said. “We were always on eggshells, never knowing when a violent explosion was going to come.”

Evan was on two psychiatric medications for his aggression, Snow said. He had been in weekly therapy since kindergarten.

It was in October 2020, when Evan was in second grade,

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‘Food Coma’ guides Mainers toward good food, drinks

Customers will want to visit one of the many outposts of the Food Coma empire.

SOUTH PORTLAND, Maine — Joe Ricchio, who has been writing about food in Maine for more than a decade, is not one to stand still. During that time he created a Food Coma blog; Food Coma TV web series; how-to cooking show, “Food Coma TV: My Seventies Kitchen”; Food Coma On the Road, a Food Coma podcast; and, most recently, a longer-form web series, “Food Coma The Hell Out of Dodge.”

If the workload seems a tad excessive, there’s a reason.

“The cause for

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From the ashes of food truck fire, man vows to rebuild and expand outreach efforts

Sublime Taco truck feeds customers and community — and mission will rebuild in a big way

CHICAGO — The owner of a food truck in Chicago is turning a damaging fire into an opportunity to expand.

For the last year and a half Khaled Simon’s taco truck has been used to serve the homeless population across Chicago. But after a fire earlier this month, the truck and the outreach efforts have been out of commission.

In the middle of the

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7 critical ways that technology can boost food safety and reduce risks


By Dallas Henderson

Food safety should always be the top priority for food businesses, but the COVID-19 pandemic has thrown our industry some major curveballs, creating new challenges around safety efforts.  

First, the pandemic has resulted in a whole new set of safety protocols, with businesses implementing more stringent cleaning and sanitation practices, from more frequent handwashing to regular sanitation of high-touch areas. Additionally, businesses must adhere to social distancing guidelines, capacity restrictions, masking mandates, and employee temperature checks. As we’ve seen since last March, COVID-19 guidelines have been ever-evolving, so teams must stay updated on the

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The Day – Groton woman shares gifts of Vietnamese food

Groton — Groton resident Tuyet Van Thi Nguyen, dressed in a green, red and white plaid shirt and apron, stood in the kitchen of her condominium on a December morning as she turned over egg rolls sizzling in an electric frying pan to make sure they were evenly cooked.

“It takes a long time to fry,” she explained. “It’s not easy.”

Every other Saturday, Nguyen prepares fresh Vietnamese egg rolls — Cha Gio — to give to people such as her neighbors and friends, her pastor, mailman, family or Groton Senior Center staff.

Nguyen, a Vietnamese refugee who came to

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New restaurants coming soon, an exotic new events space and more

EVANSVILLE, Ind. — We’re bringing you Tri-State restaurant happenings and food news you need to know. Check out this weekly feature to keep up to date on the latest.

Carson’s Brewery will be closing at the end of 2021. Owner Jason Carson cited difficulties caused by COVID, including distribution problems and customers gathering less for events at the tap room. Head over before or on New Year’s Eve to drink a last Carson’s beer and say goodbye. 

Carson’s Brewery is at 2404 Lynch Road.; 812-759-8229.

Ghost West, a new Ghost Quesadilla, will be opening Tuesday, Jan. 4 on

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Gordon Ramsay Embraces Vegan Burgers and More Vegan Food News of the Week

It seems that every week in the world of vegan food news is more exciting than the last and this week is no exception. Gordon Ramsay was once allergic to vegans but now, his brand new Gordon Ramsay Burger opened in Chicago (his first restaurant in the city) and prominently features a vegan burger. Less windy city Duluth, GA is now home to the fourth location of Slutty Vegan—which is embarking on a major expansion. And American chain Krispy Kreme is finally going all in on vegan doughnuts … in the UK. Read on for more. 

Gordon Ramsay puts vegan

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