Internet Calls Woman Out After Eating MIL’s Birthday Cake in Viral Post

A woman has riled up thousands of people after she told her husband he “overreacted”

A woman has riled up thousands of people after she told her husband he “overreacted” after she ate a piece of cake that was intended for his mother’s birthday. The post, published by u/ThrowraDH467422 on Reddit’s “Am I the A**hole?” (AITA) forum, has received more than 12,600 votes and 3,549 comments.

The post explained that u/ThrowraDH467422, 24, is seven months pregnant and that she asked her husband, 32, to pick up a snack she was craving but that he forgot to.

She also explained that her in-laws had been staying with her and her husband for a few days and that it was her mother-in-law’s birthday the day prior.

“My mother in law had some not so major fight with her husband and has been staying with us for a few days,” the post explained. “Her birthday was yesterday and because of her emotional and mental state my husband decided to throw her a surprise party and invite his siblings.”

The poster said her husband organized everything for the surprise but that she was home alone when the cake was delivered to the house.

“To be honest I got a bit tempted whenever I looked at the cake and decided to cut a small piece of it,” the post read. “I didn’t think it was a big deal til my husband saw it and flipped out asking why I ruined the cake and cut a piece of it.”

The woman continued in the post that she apologized for eating the cake but that she was craving something sweet. The post said that the husband was “embarrassed” that she ate his mother’s birthday cake instead of waiting a few hours until the party.

“I said he should have been the one to handle it if he didn’t think I was up to the task,” the woman wrote. “But he went off saying he couldn’t believe how childish I was with 0 impulse control to be blaming him instead of checking myself and not be unsupportive.”

The woman explained that the comment upset her because she did all of the other things he asked her to that day. The woman then told her husband he “overreacted over a piece of cake” and asked if a slice of cake was “more important than his son.”

The post ended with the woman saying she was sure his mother would understand that she ate a piece, but her husband said he just wanted her to admit she was wrong. She said rather than apologizing, she spent the night in her room and did not celebrate with his family.

“I explained to his mom what happened and she didn’t say anything, though I noticed she was bothered,” the post said. “He keeps telling me to apologize, otherwise he won’t speak to me nor acknowledge my presence in the house.”

A woman outraged users after she posted on Reddit that she ate a piece of her mother-in-law’s birthday cake and then told her husband he “overreacted.” Many are calling the woman manipulative and telling her she is in the wrong for eating the cake.
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Of the thousands of comments left on the post, many seem to be calling the woman “the a**hole” in the situation.

“Stop trying to manipulate him,” one user commented and received more than 46,000 votes. “Your unborn son did not want the cake. You did. You know good and well if someone cut a piece of your birthday cake before you even got a chance to see it, you would have a b**ch fit.”

“Most obvious YTA I’ve given in a long time,” another user wrote.

Others called out the woman for not just ordering a snack or trying to find something else inside the house. One user even called her “inconsiderate, selfish, and manipulative.”

This isn’t the first time a piece of cake has created drama on the internet. In September, a man named John Puffin took to Reddit’s AITA platform to discuss his best friend’s wife who charged him for an extra piece of cake at their wedding.

“The cake was lovely but I never thought something so sweet could leave such a sour taste,” Puffin told Newsweek.

He said he received a text from the bride a few days after the wedding. She told him that CCTV footage showed him taking an extra piece of cake and that he owed her about $5.

Over 700 people commented on Puffin’s post, many calling out the bride for acting “tacky” and “rude.”

“Tell them to take you to small claims court,” joked one user.

Newsweek reached out to u/ThrowraDH467422 for comment.