Kgabung Caters For Dessert Demands

One Kgabung’s mouth watering desserts are an ideal treat for people with a sweet tooth.

One Kgabung’s mouth watering desserts are an ideal treat for people with a sweet tooth.

Kgabung makes desserts for all occasions be it weddings, baby showers or birthday parties. In an interview with Showtime, she said she realised that many people like desserts, but are not able to prepare the delicacies. She said at occasions such as weddings, the demand for dessert is always high from people who attend such events. She also said her dessert business aims to bridge that gap and give the groom, bride and others a chance to worry about other important things. She added that the public has received her business with open arms.

“I was raised by a single parent, my mother and she is my hero. She made sure i am always happy in many ways and making family desserts was one of them. We ate them on weekends or holidays. This inspired and made me fall in love with the job.I used to watch her making different types of desserts,” she said. Kgabung further explained that she then decided to make desserts with a bit of a twist, thus making the presentation more appealing to customers,

and ensuring that her desserts are very tasty. She makes chocolate and vanilla flavor. The young woman makes her desserts at home then delivers to her clients. Her business has a Facebook page called “Desserts By One.”

“My desserts are tasty and presentable. I have added my special secret ingredients to make them mouth watering. My prices range from P20 to P25 depending on the sweets I put in. Facebook is my number one marketing platform. If you want my desserts you simply search Desserts By One on Facebook and place your order,” she said.

She stated her target market is everyone, because she believes her cups are affordable. Speaking of the challenges she faces in her business, she explained that transport is her major challenge especially, because she does not own a vehicle as yet. She added that using public transport to deliver her desserts was challenging especially when she had to deliver at different locations. She also said she would like to own a dessert shop one day and create employment for fellow young citizens.