Mom shares a clever kitchen hack that stop her kids from eating junk foods

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It’s no secret that most kids love to munch on junk food. And while it’s perfectly fine to indulge their sweet and savoury cravings ever so often, it is not such a good idea to do it regularly.

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Most mums are often trying to use ways to trick their kids into eating healthy and this viral mum was no different. Except, her genius hack might have just trumped all your ideas! Yes, you read that right.

This new mum revealed her clever hack on TikTok where she is seen stacking the dishwasher with snacks.

Clever Kitchen Hacks: Dishwasher turns into secret storage space

clever kitchen hacks

Screengrab: TikTok / @queenjahra

In her video, she demonstrates how one can stack dishwasher drawers with nothing but snacks in order to hide them from the kids.

The mum shared that her method “worked” and she has been storing snacks this way for months and the kids still haven’t realized.

She explained in the clip that it’s not just about hiding the snacks so the kids don’t eat them. It’s about controlling how many treats they’re eating when they are home. She is seen saying,

“I don’t eat any of it. It’s the kids’ snacks. I’m just here for portion control.”

This mum has completely ditched using the dishwasher for its intended purpose. Instead, she has started opting for the good hand wash using “hot water, dish soap, and bleach.”

This awesome clever kitchen hack is not only serving this mum’s purpose, but many other parents applauded her for sharing.

Mums awestruck with the genius of this mum

One user applauded this mum and said, “That was so clever.” There were others who admitted that they have been using their kitchen appliances to hide their goodies from their family for all these years.

Another user claimed, “This is a very old trick… been using this for about 7 yrs.”

While this hack worked for this TikTok user, you need to stay prepared with innovative ideas to keep your children away from junk food.

If you have a picky eating child at home, you know the struggles are real! Don’t worry, we share some awesome tips and some clever kitchen hacks to keep your child away from junk food.


5 clever kitchen hacks to keep kids away from unhealthy food

clever kitchen hacks

clever kitchen hacks

‘Junk’ food are high in calories and low on vital nutrients such as vitamins. | Image courtesy: iStockphoto

1. Introduce new options

Try to work on your kid’s menu. Don’t feed them the same thing every day. Even their taste buds crave different flavors. When you end up serving the same thing every day, it creates an aversion towards that item.

Also remember, when you are giving them something new to try, do not overfeed. Serve them a small bite at first and leave it to them. Let them make their own choices.

We understand that planning takes time and especially in the middle of the pandemic when you are already burdened with a lot of other chores.

But maybe over the weekend, you can plan your kid’s weekly menu well in advance and then make a chart and pin it to your refrigerator.

This can act as a reference and will be useful to you for your entire week. Also, if you plan well ahead, you can do the shopping of the groceries and other essentials according to it.

2. Don’t force-feed them

As concerned parents, we often overlook our habit of force-feeding our kids even when they are not hungry. But, this tactic doesn’t always play out well.

They will end up developing an aversion towards that item and also mealtime. For instance, if your kid is not fond of broccoli, then try adding some extra zest and other exciting ingredients or hide it in a homemade pizza!

You can always spice it up with lemon or some nuts to add crunchiness to it.

3. Stock your fridge with healthy foods

Fill your fridge and counter with fruits and vegetables. Stock your pantry with dried fruits, nuts, seeds, or homemade granola. Kids learn that they can eat what’s available. This way they’ll develop a taste for nutritious food.

clever kitchen hacks

clever kitchen hacks

Image from Food photo created by bearfotos –

4. Recreate their favorite ‘junk’ food at home

Thanks to online cooking videos and appliances like air fryers and ovens, recreating junk food at home is easy. So if you have the time and ingredients at home, you can surprise them with their favorite item at home.

You can always make a healthy dish look unhealthy, too!

5. Keep them out of sight

You need to keep all the junk food temptations nicely stored away from their sight. This will limit any temptation or willpower struggles on a daily basis at home. If they feel like having it, you can always take it out from your secret storage place.

Remember, while it may look fun to store things in electronic appliances, but there are certain risks as well. There have been incidents of accidents when people have accidentally switched on the devices while their secret stash was inside. So be careful!

You can always keep it in the cabinet by wrapping it in plastic or paper so that they are out of sight. When you don’t see the food, it is less likely to trigger a craving.

Most of these products need to be consumed within a certain period from the manufacturing date. So check the label when you buy them.

Image from Family photo created by pressfoto –

So, here’s how these clever kitchen hacks can help your child adopt a healthy and balanced diet over time.

Given the rise in obesity among children worldwide, be careful of what your kids eat. A Parent Herald report revealed that children two and below are already prone to consume junk food.

Citing a study, it said, “To make matters worse, these toddlers are getting hooked on junk wherein they would prefer eating junk food over their homemade meals.”

‘Junk’ food is usually high in calories and low on vital nutrients such as vitamins, minerals, and fiber compared to healthier food choices.

When your child consumes an excess of unhealthy food, it leads to an overload of energy that may cause obesity. So try to strike the right balance.

With the current heightened alert situation, when your kids are mostly at home, you need to be careful of their eating habits. Eat healthy to stay healthy!

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