Showstopper dessert combines the best of pie and cake worlds

Soft, fluffy, mile-high meringue usually finds itself perched atop a citrus or cream-filled pie. It makes a big impression based on volume alone, but meringue is more than just show.

Whisked egg whites and sugar are the basis for many sweet culinary delights, from chocolate soufflés to pistachio macarons. Their job is to impart a light airiness, sometimes combined with a crispy chewiness, as it does in this week’s recipe for Spiced Pumpkin Pecan Cake with Meringue Topping.

You may think the idea of baking meringue and cake batter together is a strange one, but it’s a method that’s been

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A sweet, creamy and refreshing dessert: Mango and mint fool

You should be able to find Alphonso or Kesar mango pulp in any Asian grocers, but you could use tinned mango slices or even fresh mango without any issues here,” says restaurateur Nisha Katona. “Mint and mango work wonderfully together, and this simple dessert is sweet, creamy and refreshing. The perfect way to end a meal.”

Mango and mint fool

Serves: 4


425g/15oz canned Alphonso mango pulp or tinned mango slices

Juice and zest of 1 lime

175ml/6fl oz double/heavy cream

2 tsp caster/superfine sugar

3 tbsp Greek yoghurt

2 tbsp chopped fresh mint leaves


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How to Make a Freddo Cappuccino, the Latest Drink to Take Over TikTok

Whipped coffee (aka dalgona coffee) took social media by storm at the start of the pandemic. And it’s no secret why: What’s not to love about coffee, sugar and milk that’s whipped to frothy perfection? Whipped strawberry milk and whipped lemonade followed soon after, and now, there’s yet another coffee-based bev to whip up at home: the freddo cappuccino. Read on for details on the latest trending java sipper, plus an easy recipe for making it at home.

RELATED: How to Make Whipped Strawberry Milk, the 2-Ingredient Viral Drink Inspired by Dalgona Coffee

The freddo is a Greek beverage that’s

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Why Amy Thinks Price Of Healthy Food Hinders Weight Loss

Amy Slaton still struggles with her weight loss journey in 1000-lb Sisters. Amy explained unhealthy food is much more affordable than nutritious food.

Amy and Tammy Slaton’s weight loss journeys have been hampered by a wide range of obstacles throughout the duo’s run in 1000-lb Sisters, and one consistent struggle for the siblings is affording their new lifestyle. Amy was able to meet her weight loss goals in season 1, but the TV personality has struggled to keep up with the expenses of her healthy diet. From the Slaton sisters’ financially insecure background to the cheaper cost of unhealthier

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Bake Off: GBBO winner Sophie Faldo’s chocolate cake tip – ‘actually results in better cake

Every chocoholic’s dream, the traditional chocolate cake is a delight all the way through. Chocolate sponge, frosting, and decorations, it’s a true indulgence.

Not so, according to Sophie. Cheaper chocolates can, in fact, be better.

Sophie said: “Don’t waste your money on expensive chocolates to put in cakes.

“You won’t be able to taste the difference once it’s mixed with other ingredients and baked.

“Expensive chocolates only use cocoa butter, but in fact, the extra oils in cheaper chocolates can actually result in better cakes.”

The baking expert told fans the humble carrot cake is “probably (her) favorite cake”.


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These 3 easy dessert recipes make the perfect gift for any Thanksgiving host

Chef Anthony Contrino’s family has a saying: “Never show up with your arms swinging,” which means you should never come to a party empty-handed. What’s one of the best things to bring to a holiday gathering? Food, of course! That’s why in this week’s episode of TODAY All Day’s “Saucy,” Anthony is showcasing three festive fall treats that are perfect to whip up before heading to Thanksgiving, or any get-together.


I’ve been making this sweet pumpkin loaf since my good friend Dawn first shared her recipe with me nearly 20 years ago. Since then, I’ve made a few minor

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Expanded License Agreement For Spider Energy Drink

We are so excited to be bringing Spider Energy Drink into the Caribbean and Central America Market. The “energy” in this emerging market is always positive, high and fun. Between the residents and the tourists, we are certain Spider Energy Drink will provide the function, taste and brand local consumers will love,” said Steven Hoffman, CEO, Golden Grail.

About Spider
Spider Energy drink is packed with serious energy. This formula is the perfect balance of energy boosting B-vitamins, Taurine, Guarana, Ginseng, Key Levels of Amino Acids and herbal extracts. Made with 100% real sugar, Spider Energy is

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Healthy food and wellness options seven days a week at Agoria Market

PETERSBURG – Joseph “Joey” Puletti is on a mission to provide accessible healthy food and wellness options to Petersburg and surrounding areas.

Now open across the street from the historic Petersburg Courthouse, Agoria Market LLC’s focus is in the development of local food systems to increase access to healthy and local food options.

Agoria’s products are intentionally chosen to provide individuals with produce, pre-made meals, bulk dry goods, herbs, supplements, snacks, lifestyle accessories, and other essentials.

Items on sale at Agoria Market in Petersburg, Va.

‘The Page Turner’ donated to library: Petersburg Public Library exhibits new painting with historic landmarks

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Want to save the planet? Give up junk food, booze, and coffee

Here’s some extra motivation to follow through with your 2022 New Year’s resolutions: Those unhealthy foods you want to give up are also helping to destroy the planet.

And that goes nearly double if you’re a man, as men’s food consumption contributes over 40 per cent more greenhouse gasses than women’s.

According to a new study from the University of Leeds in the UK, foods such as cakes, biscuits and lollies, alcoholic drinks and caffeinated products like tea and coffee account for over 23 per cent of all diet-related greenhouse gas emissions.

Foods like cakes and sweets have an outsized negative environmental impact

Foods like cakes and sweets have an outsized

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