COVID-19 cocktail hacks: 4 new drinks to bring into the future

Remember when going to the store felt like taking one’s life into one’s washed-until-chapped hands, way back this time last year? There we were, alone with the limitations of our pandemic liquor cabinets as severe stir-craziness set in — Americans drank a lot more over the last year, and given good ol’ American ingenuity, things were bound to get weird. It was a time to make do, and make drinks, with what we had. Things remain uncertain, interminably, still … so, cheers!?

The following four cocktails — while most definitely not any kind of masterworks of mixology — came of

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Talking the Best Morning Drink for Gut Health With an Expert

A cup of coffee first thing or tea is typically a big part of most people’s wake-up routine as they can help you rehydrate and ramp up for your day. But if you’re finding that your a.m. beverage causes your gastrointestinal tract some discomfort, it may not be the best morning drink for gut health.

“For some individuals, drinking coffee and tea on an empty stomach may cause heartburn, indigestion, or nausea because they may stimulate acid production in the stomach,” explains Keri Gans, RDN, a registered dietitian nutritionist. “If you experience these symptoms on an empty stomach, try

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Go ‘green’ with your wine: Choose cans or boxes, drink local and consider farming practices

Here are some environmental factors to consider when purchasing wine:

Farming. Look for wineries practicing environmentally friendly viticulture. Words to look for on labels are sustainable, “made from organic grapes,” Demeter biodynamic and the newest, regenerative agriculture. There are several certifications that vary by country or even region, but they all show the winery’s commitment to eco-friendly practices, such as avoiding pesticides and herbicides. Many wineries follow good practices but don’t get certified for various reasons. In general, smaller family-owned wineries use fewer chemicals than the larger, more industrial producers you see in every grocery store.

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Study shows how drinking coffee changes brain connectivity | FOX 4 Kansas City WDAF-TV

It may not surprise you that coffee drinking can improve alertness, but a new study found that caffeine and the popular beverage may have other positive effects when it comes to the brain’s functions.

Researchers from the University of Minho School of Medicine in Portugal conducted the study, which was sponsored by the Institute for Scientific Information on Coffee (ISIC) and published in “Molecular Psychiatry.”

The research team, led by School of Medicine President Nuno Sousa, used functional magnetic resonance (fMRI) technology to compare brain activity of coffee drinkers to non-coffee drinkers while they were resting, performing a task and

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Martha Stewart’s Pavlova is the Mother’s Day Dessert We’ve Been Looking For


7 Online Dessert Shops That Deliver Mother’s Day Treats

It’s been said that diamonds are a girl’s best friend. But, if you ask us, the BFF in question is more of a baked-good type. We’ll be treating the main woman in our lives to some sugar, spice, and everything nice this Mother’s Day 2021 because the sparkle of a shiny tennis bracelet has nothing on the glisten of a chocolate-frosted cake or glimmer of a sprinkle-coated cookie. Even though diamonds are forever, mom might prefer a sweet little morsel for her day of honor — and, in that case,

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Healthy Raw Carrot Cake Overnight Oatmeal Recipe

We know oatmeal can be the perfect base for a healthy breakfast. Whether steel-cut or rolled, oats are good sources of fiber, protein, magnesium, iron, and zinc. And while we’ve tried a number of methods for whipping up the whole grain, one of our surefire favorites is overnight oats—largely because of how simple they are to make.

This recipe for carrot-cake-inspired overnight oats is one of those breakfasts that has the potential to make a morning person out of anyone—even breakfast skeptics—with its healthy take on dessert-inspired flavors.

“This carrot cake raw oatmeal is always a hit when I make

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Italy Is Considering Banning This Type of Dessert

Buon appetito means “enjoy your meal!” in Italy… and when Italians say this, they mean it. If you’ve been brainstorming an Italian getaway when the worst of the pandemic is behind us, it sounds like the Italian government is looking to guarantee you the best eating ever. In fact, Italy is making considerations to place parameters around one must-eat Italian treat so that if it’s not l’ottimo—meaning, the best you’ve ever had—the person who sells it to you may pay a huge price.

Australia’s The Age reports that the Italian Senate’s commerce and tourism commission is examining how to

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I Reviewed All of the Cheesecake Factory Desserts + Photos

  • The Cheesecake Factory is known for its titular treat, but it also offers non-cheesecake desserts.
  • I tried all of the lesser-known specialty and ice-cream sweets and ranked them from worst to best.
  • The $8 bowl of strawberries was lackluster, but the limoncello-flavored torte took me by surprise. 
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The Cheesecake Factory is famous for its namesake dessert, but there are plenty of other tasty treats on the menu. 

I’ve always felt compelled to order one of its signature cheesecakes at the end of a meal, but these lesser-known sweets have always piqued my interest. To

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4 delicious new Bay Area dessert pop-ups to try this spring

We’re always on the prowl for new sugary confections popping up around the Bay Area, whether it’s a laid-off chef selling pastries out of his friend’s apartment or a couple of friends who decided to launch an ice cream brand named after their food-loving dog. From Nutter Butter-inspired shortbread cookies to dulce de leche doughnuts, we’ve got your sweet tooth covered. Here are four new dessert pop-ups to try around San Francisco and Oakland.

Drool’s dessert box for April includes a strawberry tart, a mint brownie cookie, blueberry tropézienne, cannelé caramels, rocky road nougat and a lemon poppy seed pound

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BuzzFeedPeople Are Sharing Their Favorite "Weird" Dessert From Their State Or Country And There's So Many I Want To TrySometimes, a cool dessert is truly the only way to get excited about cooking again. Thankfully, @chick_in_kiev asked on Twitter, "What's your …1 day ago

BuzzFeedPeople Are Sharing Their Favorite “Weird” Dessert From Their State Or
Country And There’s So Many I Want To TrySometimes, a cool dessert is truly the only way to get excited about
cooking again. Thankfully, @chick_in_kiev asked on Twitter, “What’s your …1 day ago… Read More