Here’s a Brain-Training App To Help You Cut Junk Food and Lose Weight

Junk foods like burgers, pizzas and fries can satisfy your hunger, but it won’t provide the nutrition your body needs. Eating such high-calorie foods can also make you pile on the pounds and harm your body. But saying no to junk food can be hard as research suggests that that junk foods are highly addictive. Are you also struggling to quit junk food to lose weight? Here’s a brain-training app that may help you eat less junk food and shed those extra kilos. Called the Food Trainer or FoodT app, it trains people to tap on images of healthy foods

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Researchers made a brain-training app to help break junk food habits

The University of Exeter has published a brain-training app for Android and iOS called ‘Food Trainer’ that is designed to help users break their junk food habits. Data from the app was used for a new study on whether this kind of brain-training application can actually improve one’s eating habits — and, according to the researchers, it can.

Using an eight-point scale, the study found that using the FoodT app was able to reduce users’ junk food consumption by an average of one point. The benefit was observed when the FoodT app was used approximately once daily for a month,

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Brain Training App Helps Users Cut Down on Junk Food

Using a brain-training app helps people eat less junk food and lose weight, new research suggests.

The Food Trainer (FoodT app) trains people to tap on images of healthy foods – but to stop when they see unhealthy snacks, creating an association between these foods and stopping.

The new study, by the universities of Exeter and Helsinki, found that playing the game about once a day for a month led to an average one-point reduction of junk food consumption on an eight-point scale (the scale ranges from four or more items per day, to one or zero items per

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