It’s cake day – let’s bake it and eat it

  • Cake Day, which is honored every year on November 26th, is more than deserving of its own celebration.
  • Cakes are perhaps one of the most delectable baked foods humanity has ever created, and the huge variety of cake recipes and styles available continues to astonish.
  • Four graduates of the Capsicum Culinary Studio who are all making waves in the baking world share their favorite cake recipes.

“Let them eat cake!” Perhaps the most famous quote about cake ever were the words of French queen Marie Antoinette upon being informed that the peasants were so poor that they had no bread

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Bake Off: GBBO winner Sophie Faldo’s chocolate cake tip – ‘actually results in better cake

Every chocoholic’s dream, the traditional chocolate cake is a delight all the way through. Chocolate sponge, frosting, and decorations, it’s a true indulgence.

Not so, according to Sophie. Cheaper chocolates can, in fact, be better.

Sophie said: “Don’t waste your money on expensive chocolates to put in cakes.

“You won’t be able to taste the difference once it’s mixed with other ingredients and baked.

“Expensive chocolates only use cocoa butter, but in fact, the extra oils in cheaper chocolates can actually result in better cakes.”

The baking expert told fans the humble carrot cake is “probably (her) favorite cake”.


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Everything You Need to Bake Cakes 2021

Photo-Illustration: retailers

Whether you’re interested in making a towering frosted layer cake that will impress people or a simple loaf to snack on at home, there are certain tools that are indispensable when it comes to baking a cake. A good spray, for example, will ensure your cake doesn’t stick to the sides of a pan. A proper set of pastry tips will keep you from making a huge mess when frosting. A bench-scraper can lift and smooth and level. We talked to several experts about these must-haves and more, so

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Watch Gigi Hadid Bake with ‘Cake Boss’ Star Buddy Valastro

In a new video with Harper’s BAZAAR, Gigi Hadid officially embarks on her cake-baking “internship” under Cake Boss’s own Buddy Valastro, the prolific baker best known for his impressively sculptural, larger-than-life confectionary designs. And from the looks of everything so far, she’s nailing it.

Valastro is visibly honored he gets to decorate cakes with the model, but Hadid, who is a longtime Cake Boss fan, appears ecstatic from the outset, jumping for joy for their long-awaited meeting. “I’m just gonna do what I feel, because if I overthink it, then obviously I’m gonna be nervous,” Hadid says,

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Bake the cake, or else: Birmingham’s criminalization of Christianity – Yellowhammer News

Since 2013, the Liberty Learning Foundation has offered highly engaging civics education programs to school systems across Alabama. The Huntsville-based nonprofit leverages community sponsors to fund the programs so schools do not have to divert precious resources from other important educational initiatives.

While the organization’s impact has grown from 14,000 students that first year to 50,000 students annually, no one was prepared for the timeliness of their lessons in 2020 and 2021. Amidst a global pandemic, divisive politics and social unrest, the Liberty Learning Foundation programs are teaching exactly what our students may need most: history, civics, empathy, gratitude and

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