Calls to ban online ads for junk food, alcohol, and gambling targeting children

A new online safety bill should include a ban on advertising junk food, alcohol, high fat/salt/sugar foods, and gambling to children, an Oireachtas committee has recommended.

A draft report by the Oireachtas Joint Committee on Media, Tourism, Arts, Culture, Sport and the Gaeltacht on the Online Safety and Media Regulation Bill, seen by The Irish Examiner, contains 26 recommendations including a ban on the ads to children.

“The committee recommends a moratorium on advertising to children online, including, at the very minimum, advertisements of junk food, alcohol, high fat/salt/sugar (HFSS) foods, and gambling,” said the report.

“The committee recommends the

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What’s next for food delivery following the junk food ad ban?

It’s been a confusing 12 months for UK food advertisers.

First, there was the proposed ban on junk food TV advertising before the 9pm watershed. Then there was the announcement of more sweeping measures to obliterate online junk food advertising in the UK.

Just a few months later, relief swept the food and drink industry following rumours of a Government climbdown, only for those rumours to quashed as the ban surfaced within the May 2021 Queen’s Speech.

To say that these ad bans have met with a mixed reaction would be an understatement. Food and drink industry reps, hospitality spokespeople,

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Boris Johnson’s junk food ad ban cuts just TWO calories a day off kids’ diet


TV promotions for unhealthy foods will be outlawed before the 9pm watershed with a total ban online with the Government claiming it will prevent 20,000 becoming obese

Chris Thomas, of the Institute for Public Policy Research said Boris Johnson must be ‘bolder’ with his plans

Boris Johnson’s junk food ad ban will only stop kids eating on average two fewer calories a day.

Ministers say stopping ads for unhealthy food before the 9pm watershed will reduce children’s annual calorie intake by 7.2 billion.

They claim that will prevent 20,000 becoming obese. But the startling figures become

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Ban on unlimited drink refills and ‘buy one get one free’ junk-food offers to be imposed from October 2022

Rules banning unlimited refills of sugary drinks in restaurants, and multibuy offers on sweets in large supermarkets, will come into effect from October 2022, the Government has confirmed.

Public Health minister Jo Churchill confirmed a six-month delay to the introduction of the measures in England, initially set for April 2022, to “allow businesses enough time to prepare”.

The measures, part of the Government’s strategy to “tackle obesity and get the nation fit and healthy”, include a ban on free refills of sugary soft drinks in the eating-out sector.

Supermarkets with 50 or more employees will face extra controls over the

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NEWS: Junk Food Advertising Ban Launched

Childhood obesity is a serious issue that continues to plague countries all across the world. Now, a junk food advertising ban has been launched with the hope of changing those numbers.

A Real Health Crisis

According to the World Health Organization, 39 million children under the age of five were overweight or obese in 2020. WHO data from 2016 shows that over 340 million kids between the ages of five and 19 were overweight or obese. That’s higher than the population of the United States (which, incidentally, is expected to reach an obesity rate of 50% by 2030).

Nations have

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Canada studying U.K. move to ban junk food advertising to kids

OTTAWA (NEWS 1130) — No more sugary cereal ads during morning cartoons or commercials for salty frozen dinners during the supper hour. That’s the new rule in the United Kingdom, which last week banned TV advertising for food products high in fat, salt, and sugar between the hours of 5:30 a.m. and 9 p.m.

Now Canada’s health regulator says it’s taking a careful look at what the U.K. is doing, to see if that’s something that could work in Canada.

In a statement, Health Canada says it is examining the new rules in the U.K. and reviewing its approach to

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Is it time to junk the junk food advertising ban?

In April of last year, Boris Johnson was hospitalised with the coronavirus. At the time of admittance, the then 55-year-old stood out among the typical septuagenarian or older demographic filling our hospitals. Besides age, it began to emerge that one risk factor making an individual susceptible to Covid-19 was obesity. Suddenly the nation’s waistline fell under the microscope. Since leaving hospital, the Prime Minister appears to have had what alcoholics tend to call “a moment of clarity”. He has accepted the fact that he is overweight. The once-boyish Boris is now 57 and he looks his age. So this former

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Small businesses to be exempt from ban on junk food advertising

Christopher Snowdon, head of lifestyle economics at the Institute of Economic Affairs, said: “With its new exemptions, the government has acknowledged that banning adverts for normal, everyday food products would stifle competition, hurt businesses and be bad for consumers. 

“It should now throw in the towel and accept that advertising jam, sandwiches and olive oil should not be a criminal act under any circumstance, regardless of how many people the company employs.”

At present a formula based on sugar, salt and fat content determines which foods cannot be advertised during children’s television.

The Advertising Standards Authority is expected to enforce

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UK to ban junk food advertising online and before 9pm on TV from 2023 | Advertising

The government is poised to announce a ban on junk food advertising online and before 9pm on TV from 2023, as Boris Johnson looks to deliver on his pledge to tackle the UK’s growing obesity crisis.

The new measures, which will be some of the toughest marketing restrictions in the world, will heavily impact the more than £600m spent by brands on all food advertising online and on TV annually.

The 9pm pre-watershed ban on advertising TV products deemed to be high in fat, salt and sugar (HFSS) could cost TV broadcasters such as ITV, Channel 4, Channel 5 and

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Does the UK’s proposed junk food ad ban reduce the motivation to reformulate?

The Government’s Health and Care Bill, announced in yesterday’s Queen’s Speech, will restrict promotions on high fat, salt and sugar food and 25 drinks in retailers from April 2022.

The proposed legislation includes measures to ban junk food adverts pre-9pm watershed on TV and for a total ban online. The Government will also look to introduce secondary legislation to require restaurant chains with 250 or more employees to calorie label the food they sell. Pubs will not be required to add calorie information on drinks.

The proposed legislation will limit what food companies can say about junk food products on

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