Two cannabis bills detrimental to public health and food safety

In summary

We can allow safer legal access to cannabis and useful hemp products without going backward in our commitments to public health and food safety.

By Lynn Silver, Special to CalMatters

Dr. Lynn Silver is a pediatrician and director of Getting it Right from the Start – Advancing Public Health & Equity in Cannabis Policy, and Senior Advisor at the Public Health Institute, [email protected]

Legalizing cannabis was supposed to be about social justice. About ending mass incarceration of people of color for possessing a small amount of marijuana. About safer legal access.

But there are many things legalization should

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Bills Foundation teams up with Buffalo Go Green to get healthy food into underserved communities

BUFFALO, N.Y. (WIVB) — The Buffalo Bills Foundation is teaming up with Buffalo Go Green and the Community Health Center of Buffalo.

It’s all in an effort to get healthy food options into neighborhoods in need.

The Bills Foundation awarded $25,000 in funding to the program. The program started five years ago to help people improve their health by eating nutritiously — even if they’re living in areas considered food deserts.

“We have introduced our community to vegetables that they never would have known or seen, with this program. So we are so excited to have you guys here and

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