America’s Biggest Grocery Chain Is About to Offer This Fast-Food Service

They recently took a strong stance on the quality of their chicken products, and now they’re about to make your access to fast food more convenient. This supermarket chain with 2,800 stores in 35 states recently announced a revolutionary new partnership that might make your grocery trip a little tastier.

Kroger hosted an earnings report on Friday, where, according to Marketplace, the major supermarket chain revealed that grocery spend has dropped in recent months, since a lot of consumers have forgone the kitchen to get out of the house. Apparently in response to these ever-shifting, pandemic-related consumer patterns, Kroger

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This Popular Asian Fried Chicken Chain Is Opening 23 New Locations in 5 States

For years, it was known as a beloved late-night NYC spot where groups of friends would crowd in after a night at the bars. It’s a favorite—fans of this restaurant know there’s nothing else on the planet quite like the crunch of this hot, tender chicken, or the sweet-and-savory sauce it’s coated in. But all that was just the beginning. With locations currently in over 20 states, this Korean fried chicken chain is now invading a new segment of the country. If you know, you know: If this chain is coming to a state near you, your taste buds may

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This Applebee’s dessert got a shout-out in a popular song. Now the chain is bringing it back

Applebee’s ditched the item when it slimmed down its menu during the pandemic. But after the song came out in June and started to go viral, the chain decided to bring back the shake for a limited time starting Monday.
Casual dining chains like Applebee’s have struggled in recent years as they face more competition from fast casual brands like Panera and Chipotle, and online delivery offered through the likes of Grubhub and DoorDash. The pandemic was the latest blow. But Applebee’s is seeing sales grow again — the second quarter was its best in years. A buzzy song can
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This West Coast Fast-Food Chicken Chain Is Tripling in Size

You might associate fried chicken with Southern regions of the country… but California? Oh, yes. One Bay Area fast-food chicken chain is seriously ramping up to go national with an impressive menu of all things fried chicken. Didn’t know you could get Nashville hot chicken in San Francisco and soon, Los Angeles? You sure can—and come next year, it could be moving closer to more of us.

Starbird Chicken recently announced that they saw a 36% year-over-year revenue increase in 2020, despite the struggles many restaurants experienced during the pandemic. (That meant a 75% increase in sales compared to

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