Is this a chocolate or yellow cake? A tweet sparks an internet debate

Figuring this out is no piece of cake.

A heated dispute has erupted on Twitter over whether a cake is named for the cake or the frosting on it.

“Okay I’m bringing my family debate to twitter. lol One half thinks you describe the flavor of a cake based on the icing while the other half thinks it’s based on the actual cake itself,” someone wrote alongside a photo of a yellow cake with chocolate frosting.

“Please help me settle this … is this a chocolate cake or a vanilla cake? Lol.”

At the whisk — err, risk — of

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Bake Off: GBBO winner Sophie Faldo’s chocolate cake tip – ‘actually results in better cake

Every chocoholic’s dream, the traditional chocolate cake is a delight all the way through. Chocolate sponge, frosting, and decorations, it’s a true indulgence.

Not so, according to Sophie. Cheaper chocolates can, in fact, be better.

Sophie said: “Don’t waste your money on expensive chocolates to put in cakes.

“You won’t be able to taste the difference once it’s mixed with other ingredients and baked.

“Expensive chocolates only use cocoa butter, but in fact, the extra oils in cheaper chocolates can actually result in better cakes.”

The baking expert told fans the humble carrot cake is “probably (her) favorite cake”.


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Dessert king Reynold Poernomo shares his easy chocolate choux buns and other dessert recipes that you can make at home

After becoming a crowd favourite on MasterChef thanks to his inventive desserts, Reynold Poernomo continues to delight with his delicious creations after opening the KOI Dessert Bar with his brothers in Sydney, as well as launching his own YouTube series Sweet x Salty.

Poernomo has also just launched new book The Dessert Game and he joined The Morning Show to show how to make delicious choux buns with a creamy chocolate custard filling.

Watch Reynold Poernomo prepare these desserts in the video player above

Watch The Morning Show on Channel 7 and stream it for free on 7plus

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Paris Chocolate Fair gets dressed up with a fashion cake-over

Catwalk models wore chocolate-covered dresses during the traditional parade marking the start of the 26th edition of the Paris Chocolate Fair (Salon du Chocolat) on Thursday.

Chocolatiers, pastry chefs, and professionals from the chocolate industry get together to show the public all the riches of the famous bean.

A total of over 700 exhibitors are in attendance for the duration of the fair.

The event, which was cancelled due to the coronavirus pandemic last year, gives visitors a chance to discover the latest innovations and taste creations by pastry chefs as well as the best cocoa beans from all over

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Quay’s new dessert is “chocolate: a moment in time”

Snow egg, white coral, the eight-texture chocolate cake – all have entered Quay’s dessert hall of fame. Now Peter Gilmore is hoping to replicate their sweet success with his latest and greatest final course.

By Callum McDermott

Quay’s latest dessert, “chocolate: a moment in time”. Photo: Nikki To

Whenever Quay introduces a new dessert, executive chef Peter Gilmore feels the pressure. There are many moving parts that contribute to the fine-dining restaurant’s success: that priceless harbour view, the kitchen team’s panache for combining technique and play across the tasting menu.

But it’s the desserts that, for
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This ‘Lazy Person’s’ Chocolate Cake Is The Only Cake Recipe You Need

A delicious chocolate cake is a beautiful thing. Moist, decadent and not too sweet—so that you can devour the whole slice and maybe even a little more.

In her new book Sugar, I Love You: Knockout Recipes to Celebrate the Sweeter Things in Life, British pastry chef Ravneet Gill writes about her life in sweetness, with anecdotes about life and lessons learned both inside and out of the kitchen. The recipe she’s most excited about (and speaks to my soul as a budding home baker) is the LPC, also known as the

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PureWow.10 Light yet Delicious Dessert Recipes for When You’re Craving an After-Dinner Treat.Sometimes when we finish a meal, we want an indulgent dessert, like a thick slice of chocolate fudge cake or a heaping bowl of ice cream..15 hours ago

PureWow.10 Light yet Delicious Dessert Recipes for When You’re Craving an
After-Dinner Treat.Sometimes when we finish a meal, we want an indulgent dessert, like a thick
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Kate Middleton & Prince William’s Chocolate Wedding Cake Recipe Details

Ever wish you attended the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge’s 2011 wedding? Well, now you can have a taste (literally) of the day’s celebrations. The Royal Collection Trust recently revealed the recipe for the couple’s chocolate biscuit cake, which was served as the groom’s cake at the wedding.

The cake requires no baking and is an easy project for a cozy autumn day. The dessert features tea biscuits, a hearty helping of chocolate, and a lovely ganache. William and Kate served the rich treat at their wedding, alongside their famous, white, tiered fruitcake.

Below, find the complete recipe to craft

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Jennifer Aniston’s Creamy Chocolate Protein Shake Looks Like Dessert

Jennifer Aniston on a designed background

Getty Images / Marc Piasecki

Smoothies are a great way to sneak in a bunch of nutrients and offer infinite flavor possibilities. Actress and Chief Creative Officer of Vital Proteins Jennifer Aniston recently shared how she makes her go-to smoothie on Instagram—and it looks incredible. It’s a creamy, dessert-like chocolate concoction featuring collagen protein powder from Vital Proteins, and she walked viewers through how to recreate her recipe at home.

To make the smoothie, Aniston adds a cup of chocolate almond milk to her high-powered blender (like this Vitamix. Buy it: $349.95, Vitamix

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