A Coconut Cake for the Ages

No one has ever complimented me on my decisiveness. It takes me forever to make a decision, and then, when I do, I second-guess it, myself and the universe. Given my constitutional aversion to choosing one of anything, when we had to move out of our house last fall for a renovation we committed to in more normal times, I surprised myself by finding it easy to pick the kitchen tools I’d take with me to the rental cottage. I packed a couple of spatulas and whisks, a fish turner, a Microplane grater, a ruler, scissors, a mashing fork I

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Coconut sheet cake by Edd Kimber | Cake

Coconut cake is pure comfort. I didn’t grow up with it, it holds no nostalgic memories for me, so I can’t quite pinpoint why this is. Maybe it’s the simplicity, the fact that there’s nothing but cake and frosting, nothing complicated, nothing fancy. I have squeezed as much coconut as I can into this recipe, so the cake is made with coconut oil and butter, and includes desiccated coconut and a little coconut extract. The frosting is a classic cream cheese one covered in a heavy snowfall of coconut; it’s coconut squared.

Serves 12–15
For the sheet cake

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