The One Costco Bakery Hack Everyone Should Know About

Like the products on their shelves, Costco stores are massive, so it’s nearly impossible to keep track of everything happening inside of your neighborhood warehouse. Luckily, members love to share their favorite hacks, and they give us insight into how to get the most out of our money.

One of these clever tips and tricks specifically has to do with the bakery section. While there are sales from time to time on all-time classics and seasonal favorites, you can always save big—literally—in this section of the warehouse. Think 4.25-pound key lime pies for $14.99 big—that’s only $3.50 a pound!

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Costco Now Has a Mini Version of This Beloved Bakery Item

Headlines from the Costco bakery usually consist of items either disappearing from or making their triumphant returns back to one of the most iconic sections of the warehouse. It isn’t as common for brand-spanking-new items to drop, but today is one of those rare days!

Technically, the newest addition to the bakery is an old favorite, but it has an entirely new flare. What I’m talking about here is the size—and for once I don’t mean bigger! (For more on what not to get at your local warehouse, here are the Costco Foods You Should Always Avoid, According to Nutritionists.)

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This Massive Costco Bakery Dessert Is Currently On Sale

The Costco bakery section is full of decadent treats that are usually in large quantities. Recently we’ve seen several items return and a few new ones make their debut, too. One of those weighs almost 3 pounds and is currently on sale—the Costco bakery Caramel Tres Leche Bar is now $12.99.

As its name suggests, Costco Instagram account @costcodeals spotted the bar recently and alerted their followers. The instant savings of $2 is only short-lived—it’s only available until May 16. But according to My Fitness Pal, the entire cake has 3,554 calories, 542 carbs, 125 grams of fat, and

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