Android 13’s dessert codename might be Tiramisu

Tiramisu is a deliciously simple Italian dessert made from coffee-infused ladyfingers and whipped mascarpone and/or cream, but it could also be the internal codename for the next version of Android. That’s if a new commit reported by XDA Developers is to be believed. “Rename T to Tiramisu,” the note reads, in what XDA notes is the first public mention of a dessert-based codename for Android 13, expected to release next year.

Up until Android 10, each version of Google’s mobile OS had both a version number and a dessert-based name, which progressed alphabetically with each new release. Android 4

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Are Full Dessert Menus Returning to San Francisco Restaurants?

During the pandemic, it’s been easy to miss dessert. As restaurants streamlined their menus for takeout and delivery, even those that previously took pride in sweet dessert menus pared them down to one sad budino that would travel well in a deli container — the loneliest pudding cup, as it were. Don’t get me wrong, this writer ate many of them, while sitting cross-legged on the couch, and they certainly helped to soothe some of the despair out of lockdown.

But now that San Francisco is one full month into full reopening, restaurants have been working hard to hire back

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This sour cherry pie recipe is summer’s ultimate dessert

The only trouble with the crimson stone fruit, also called pie cherries or tart cherries, is that their season is fleeting. For only a few weeks each summer, fragile pints or quarts of bright red sour cherries can be found at markets in most cities in the continental United States — unless you live in or near Michigan or Wisconsin, where the majority of the country’s sour cherry varietals, including Early Richmond, English Morello and Montmorency, are grown. (New York, Pennsylvania, California, Washington, Utah and a few other states also produce sour cherries, but in much more limited quantities. For

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Trader Joe’s Fans Can’t Stop Talking About Its New Vegan Frozen Dessert Cones

It’s National Ice Cream Month, and many Trader Joe’s shoppers are talking about these new vegan frozen dessert cones. As seen on the @TraderJoesObsessed Instagram account, people can’t get over the Hold the Dairy! mini cones. One big draw to this new treat is the serving size. Many people were flabbergasted that there are six mini cones in a single serving. With 12 cones per box, the serving size does leave some questions on the table, even though a box retails for $3.99. Still, this frozen dessert just might be the summer’s best find.

According to @TraderJoesAficado, the

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The Only Summer Dessert I’ll Turn the Oven on For

When dreaming of Italy, which happens far more often nowadays, I find myself trying to recreate past trips through recipe development. We all know food is a virtual transport to past times in our lives, so when I can create a dish that resembles the look, feel, and flavor of something enjoyed abroad, memories of happy adventures flood my mind. It’s almost as good as returning to my beloved homeland.

a tray of food on a table

© Provided by Food52

My family hails from Calabria, and I adore visiting that region. But during my last few trips to Italy, instead of staying in one location, I

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Iconic, Decadent Dessert Spot Serendipity 3 Finally Reopens

Before this week, the last time I ate at Serendity3 was probably in the early 1970s, when my grandmother took me, and I think my friend Patrick, to eat some sort of overwhelming sundae. I may have gone again when my daughters were little, but whatever nostalgia I feel about the place hasn’t really been earned by experience.

In fact, the restaurant and dessert palace, which was first opened in 1954 and at one time attracted the likes of Marilyn Monroe, Andy Warhol, Joan Rivers, and Jackie Kennedy, seems to have spent a lot of its creative and culinary energy

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Wichita’s 2nd El Rio Bravo supermarket to have dessert bar


Banana splits made with Mexican ice cream will be sold from a dessert bar inside Wichita’s second El Rio Bravo supermarket.

[email protected]

Wichita’s second El Rio Bravo supermarket will open at 2020 N. Amidon, and when it does, it’ll have a new feature that the first store, on South Seneca, doesn’t.

Though co-owner Hakim Halum said he wasn’t able to include a taco counter like he has at his Westway Plaza store, which has been open since December 2019, he’ll offer something sweeter.

Just inside the front doors of the new store, which opens Wednesday at Twin Lakes

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Get a loaded soft serve ice cream treat at new dessert shop in Milford

A new ice cream shop in Milford is putting a “Krazee” spin on classic soft serve desserts.Krazee Shakes opened this week and is serving up soft serve ice cream loaded with tons of candy and treats.Choose from six different Krazee options and make them unique by choosing your own type of soft serve: vanilla, chocolate or a swirl.Try the Unicorn, which combines soft serve ice cream, cotton candy, sprinkles and a “unicorn horn” ice cream cone.For peanut butter and candy lovers there’s the Peanut Butter Party, which has soft serve ice cream, Nutter Butters, Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups, Reese’s Pieces, … Read More

McDonald’s Japan won’t sell you a Caramel Macaron dessert burger, so we made our own

Sometimes, you just have to take the craziness into your own hands.

Japan has a surprisingly rich burger culture, and so we’re always on the lookout for the next culinary creation. So no sooner had we finished digesting Burger King’s Tokyo Teriyaki Tower than a new burger temptation from McDonald’s Japan caught our eye.

Oh, wait, sorry. It turns out that that’s actually not a burger at all, but a macaron. See, select McDonald’s branches in Japan offer the chain’s sub-brand

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This Puzzling Dessert Calls for Peaches and Physics


There is a category of foods I love that I call “novelty desserts.” They typically feature a secret, improbable ingredient, like mayonnaise in cake batter or the vinegar in vinegar pies. Others feel like magic tricks, as in the case of hot-fudge cake, where a thick layer of chocolate sauce forms on the bottom of the pan during baking.

The heyday of these desserts was the mid-1900s, during the rise of convenience foods and new appliances in American kitchens. Armed with boxed, canned,

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