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Desserts Archives - Tbirdroadhouse


Urgent recall issued for these delicious desserts

Poppies International announced a dessert recall late last year that covered various types of cream puffs products. The company detected the presence of metal during production. That’s why it issued the recall. More than two weeks later, Poppies International expanded the recall to include even more cream puffs that weren’t recalled the first time around. Certain Taste of Inspirations Crème Puffs might also include metal, so you should stop eating them immediately if you have any.

The initial desserts recall

Poppies International said in the initial recall announcement that various Delizza cream puffs produced between December 7-10, 2021 might contain

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If you bought these delicious desserts, throw them out

If there’s one time of the year when you’re most likely to abuse desserts and sweets, it has to be the final weeks of December and the beginning of January. No matter how big your Christmas and New Year’s Eve parties might be, desserts probably have a prominent placement at the dinner table. Plus, after those are done, you definitely will have leftovers that you need to get out of your fridge before your diet can begin. But you should still pay attention to what sort of desserts you consume, as there are a few recalls in action that you

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Serious recall issued for 19 delicious desserts

Kroger Co. recently issued a recall for a variety of baked goods because of the possibility the items may contain metal fragments. Specifically, the Kroger recall went into effect earlier this month and if you purchased any baked goods from the grocery giant in recent weeks, you’ll definitely want to take a close look at the items at issue. Note that the recalled products were all sold under the Country Oven brand. And if you have any, you need to be sure not to consume them.

You’ll find everything you need to know about this Kroger recall below. Since so

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30 New Year’s Desserts

The hors d’oeuvres have been devoured, the entrees have been enjoyed, and now, with three hours left ’til midnight, dessert has some pretty big shoes — well, bellies — to fill.

Not to worry! Whether the night calls for something rich, scooped warm from a casserole dish or easy to eat between dances and delicate like Puerto Rican shortbread cookies (aka polvorones), this list includes some of TODAY’s favorite desserts. Each one is the perfect fit for New Year’s Eve.

Samantha Seneviratne

These cookies are dead simple to make but they taste special. You can make the dough well in

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CNY’s best desserts of 2021: Our food writers pick their favorites

Syracuse, N.Y. — Too often the last course of a meal is overlooked. We sometimes skip it altogether and finish with a cup of decaf coffee. That’s just wrong.

Central New York is full of talented chefs who create delicious finales to their meals. We should celebrate their efforts by eating those extra calories.

Our food writers—Jared Paventi, Jane Woodman and Charlie Miller—almost always documented the sweetest part of their experience. Here are the best desserts of the year.

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How to make Ettore Bugatti’s favorite Christmas desserts

Ettore Bugatti’s love for cars spawned the automaker that bears his name, but that’s not the only passion that he turned into a business. He channeled his love for food into a restaurant called Clos Saint Odile in Obernai, a small town in the Alsatian countryside located not far from the Bugatti factory in Molsheim. It still exists, it’s now called La Fourchette des Ducs, and it still makes some of Bugatti’s favorites dishes.

In 2020, Bugatti taught hungry enthusiasts how to cook a Christmas dinner like its founder; he served minestrone, blazed duck breast with truffle purée and cassis

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Shut your pie hole! Seasonal desserts to bake with apples instead of pie

For years, apple pie has been revered as a signature fall dessert and Thanksgiving staple across households nationwide. The delectable delicacy, common within the states, originated in England over 630 years ago. In the year 1381, the first recipe for English apple pie was written and publicized. The ingredients list was both measly and vague, only calling for “good” apples, “good” spices, figs, raisins, pears, saffron and coffyn (an early European pie crust).  

Unbeknownst to these pioneering bakers, the dessert would later receive national acclaim for its celebration of fall’s most prized produce — apples. This commonplace fruit offers

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7 citrus desserts for a little sunshine when daylight is short

Citrus always reminds me of sunshine, which isn’t plentiful these days — perhaps, it’s precisely why it’s so popular this time of year. Among all the rich holiday fare, a pop of bright, juicy acidity — no matter which fruit it comes from — is always a treat. That’s why I pulled some favorite citrusy desserts, ideal for teatime, for closing a holiday meal, with a spark of sunshine on the plate.

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Best and Most Unique Desserts in Champaign-Urbana

It’s hard to resist a good dessert. These are so good, you’ll want to save room for them after your dinner (if you even eat it). Go ahead — no one’s watching you to make sure you ate your dinner first.

Some days — hey, many days — call for a good dessert. Whether you’ve had a rough week at work or home, are looking to celebrate, or just looking for a night out on the town, we’ve compiled a listing of some of the best desserts Champaign-Urbana has to offer. We asked our readers for help and your suggestions

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7 popular Western desserts Japanese chefs have made their own

(CNN) — Japan has long been famous internationally for its diverse and delicious eats, from sushi to ramen, with such staples appearing on menus around the world.

But in recent years word has also spread about its expertise in another culinary arena — cakes and pastries. The country’s chefs have taken many of the traditionally “Western” desserts known and loved around the world and elevated them to new heights.

Unlike Japanese sweets — called wagashi — Western-style confectioneries, referred to as “yogashi,” are made mostly of flour and sugar. But Japanese versions are generally less sweet compared to their Western

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