Taco takeoff: Exploring a simple, humble food’s explosion in the Buffalo area | Dining

Two things haven’t changed since the transition: the popularity of D.A. Taste’s beef birria tacos – slow-braised beef tacos dunked in a spicy consommé – and customers’ willingness to wait for an hour or more for the trendy fare. 

“Before we started, we thought tacos were just ground beef, lettuce, cheese, tomato – like everybody else,” Laia said. “Then we thought, ‘Why can’t you put this in it? Why not that?’ And it turned out right.”

Owner Azrael Laia custom finishes a taco order at the D.A. Taste Taco location at 141 Abbott Rd. at the former Jacobi’s Restaurant, in

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The Food Guy: Shoney’s has reopened, which is apparently big news | Food & Dining

People were WAY more excited about this than I would’ve expected, but the Shoney’s on Kanawha Boulevard reopened last week after being closed since the start of COVID-19 more than a year ago.

There was much fearful chatter on the interwebs during that time that maybe the classic American restaurant (founded right here in Charleston in 1947) was done for good. So this news to the contrary was widely celebrated in social circles over the past several days.

I was taken aback by the masses who missed the place and even more surprised by their most-praised point of all —

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