Brandy Says This Tea Saved Her Voice and ‘Feels So Good’ to Drink

  • Brandy says she found an unusual ginger-honey tea that protects her throat from wear and tear: Prince of Peace Ginger Honey Crystals.
  • “I feel like my voice is being taken care of and coated,” the musician said in a recent interview. “I could hit notes that I normally wouldn’t have been able to hit without it.”
  • When she’s working, Brandy drinks up to 10 sachets in a day.

    Singer, rapper, and actress Brandy makes a living with her voice—and she just spilled the tea on the tea she drinks to protect it.

    In a new interview with The Strategist

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    Wake Forest issues alert about a student given a drugged drink; police investigating | Education

    Wake Forest University issued a community safety advisory Sunday regarding student safety.

    Wake Forest University police have received three reports this semester, alleging that a student was given a drink that had been drugged, the university said on its website. The most recent incident happened this weekend.

    The Winston-Salem Police Department is investigating the latest incident.

    The release did not say where the incidents took place. 

    “Students are reminded that putting a drug in another person’s drink is illegal and dangerous,” the university said. “In addition to being a crime, inducing incapacitation violates the University’s Student Code of Conduct and

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    We begged women to urinate for us to drink to stay alive

    •Illegal emigrant narrates deadly experience in desert while trying to move to Europe

    •Sight of Mediterranean sea forced me to cancel trip to Italy

    By Emmanuel Iheaka

    Twenty two years after walking through the valley of the shadow of death, in search of greener pastures, Stephen Onyekamma has remained terrified. Unlike those who by faith would confess they fear no evil when confronted with such pangs of death, reliving of his experience still sends shivers down the spines of Onyekamma.

    As he narrated his experience in the sahara desert to Saturday Vanguard, Onyekamma would intermittently pause out of traumatic effect

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    Long Drink Becomes a TCU Fan Favorite

    It only took nearly 70 years for the Finnish Drink to make it to the US, but better late than never.  Owned by a TCU alumni, Long Drink has quickly made Fort Worth, Texas its home away from home. The Frogs fans approve.  In both the Legends and Champions Clubs and Suites you can see just about everyone with a long drink in hand. 

    Jennifer Nix|Williams True, Whitney & Lindsey Dixon|Riff Ram Vintage, and Ryann Zeller|KillerFrogs.com 

    Long Drink also made its way to Norman, Oklahoma via the KillerFrogs Bus Trip. While the Frogs fans would have loved to celebrate a

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    Sober October: what to drink when you’re not drinking | Wine

    How are you coping with Sober October? Or maybe yours is not-so-sober, but you feel as if you ought to be building in a midweek break? Or maybe you don’t drink anyway, so it’s no big deal either way?

    Non-drinkers range from “flexitarians”, to borrow a term from the food world, who drink, but not all the time, to long-term or total abstainers, and it’s always a mistake to assume we all think the same. Despite having written a book on the subject, it hadn’t fully occurred to me until recently that those who have given up alcohol

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    Local soft drink companies hit by GST hike

    NEW DELHI: The enthusiasm to add fruit juice to carbonated drinks has come back to haunt regional drinks makers, as these products are currently subject to a GST of 28% with an additional 12% of compensation cess. They were earlier paying 12%.
    While some local companies have hiked MRP by Rs 2, most others are looking at ways to exit the crowded market where Rs 10 is the average MRP. “Almost all local players had stopped manufacturing carbonated soft drinks after they realised that adding fruit to the drinks attracted lower taxes,” said the owner of one of the largest
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    How much water should I drink daily?

    Analysis: there really is no one-size-fits-all solution to hydration, but your pee will tell you if you need to drink more

    Despite its importance, water is also referred to as a forgotten nutrient. This is reflected by inconsistencies between water intake recommendations across different jurisdictions. These recommendations generally represent intakes to prevent ill-health (adequate intakes) rather than intakes to optimise health and performance.

    This often results in confusion among the general public and causes the frequent question: how much water should I drink daily? The easy answer is ‘well, that depends’! There really is no one-size-fits-all solution to

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    Third of consumers plan to stockpile food and drink for Christmas

    According to a recent survey conducted by Lumina Intelligence​, a third (34%) of consumers either have or are considering purchasing food and drink products for Christmas before the end of October.

    The survey found that 55% of people are worried about their Christmas pantry, due to concerns about product shortages as a result of Brexit, covid-19 and the lack of lorry drivers.

    Categories that consumers are most likely to purchase for Christmas before the end of October are: Confectionery 66%; Crisps & Snacks 57%; Tinned & packaged products 55%; Alcohol 55%; Soft Drinks 51%; Frozen 45%.

    Lumina said the

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    This Popular Pepsi Drink Is Disappearing From Store Shelves

    Shoppers have been no strangers to shortages over the last year and a half. From people hoarding products to a lack of workers, there have been a number of factors contributing to limited stock amid the COVID pandemic. The list of products that have disappeared from store shelves includes toilet paper, cleaning supplies, at-home COVID tests, bacon, and even alcohol. Now, another popular drink is in dangerous territory. Read on to find out what Pepsi beverage is in short supply right now.

    RELATED: This Beloved Lunch Staple Is Disappearing From Grocery Store Shelves.

    Shoppers and retailers say

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    Where to Drink This Week in Portland

    1. The Vern

    2622 SE Belmont St., 503-233-7851. 2 pm-2:30 am daily.

    With its tasteful ‘70s nudie-pic décor and big velvet booths, the inside of the Vern was always the cool place to be. But when the pandemic hit, the owners annexed their little-used parking lot attached to the building and created a fancy fenced and covered outdoor dive-bar experience. A Friday night is an exercise in finding a picnic table to drink one of the rotating slushie drinks at, or buy pudding shots at last call for maximum hangover energy. While a few tables have gas fires in the

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