Sugary Drinks Spike Early Colorectal Cancer Risk, Study Finds

  • Having too many sugary drinks each day can significantly increase your chances of early-onset colorectal cancer, a recent study suggests.
  • To reduce your risk, swap sugary drinks with water, milk, or unsweetened coffee or tea—and pay close attention to other parts of your diet, too.
  • Colorectal cancer have been steadily rising in people under age 50.

    You already know sipping on sugary drinks can up your risk of various chronic diseases, but a new study highlights another one to put on your radar: Your soda habit could increase your chances of early-onset colorectal cancer, the third most common cancer

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    [email protected]: Racist junk food ads | Do sugary drinks cause colon cancer?

    Black and Hispanic youth unfairly targeted by ads for junk food

    There is a growing disparity with regard to fast-food ads aimed at marginalized groups compared with their white peers. Restaurants including McDonald’s, Domino’s and Taco Bell spent over $1.5 billion on TV ads in 2019 to target Black and Hispanic children. That same year Black youth viewed 75% more fast-food ads than their white counterparts, while no healthy items were promoted on Spanish-language TV. Furthermore, the majority of these ads promoted full-calorie, adult-sized, regular menu items (not kids’ meals) over more nutritious alternatives. Medical News Today reports.

    Colon cancer

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    It’s Time to Relearn How to Have Work Drinks

    When Michelle Marks went out for drinks with her co-workers one weeknight in late May, the group, giddy at finally gathering together, celebrated for about four hours.

    “We closed out the place,” says the 32-year-old plant pathologist from Columbia, Md. “We ended up just chatting and we ordered pizza, played a few board games…It was just really, really nice.”

    As excited as Ms. Marks, who started her current job a month before Covid-19 lockdowns, was to take part in this office-life fixture and just be out with others again socially, she didn’t plunge in with abandon. She stuck to her

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    Summer Drinks for Staying Cool

    Every other week Bon Appétit associate editor Christina Chaey writes about what she’s cooking right now. Pro tip: If you sign up for the Healthyish newsletter, you’ll get the scoop before everyone else.

    Somehow, heat-wave season in New York started before July even arrived and I’m currently experiencing the other kind of hot girl summer, the kind that prompts heat rash to bloom, uh, everywhere; even the inside of the fridge is sweating while it works overtime to stay cool.

    As a result the summer of beverages has arrived early this year, with a few upgrades that have

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    Colon Cancer Rising in Young Adults, Linked to Sugary Drinks

    Colon and rectal cancers are rising in younger adults, though researchers aren’t sure why. A new study of women and diet suggests that sugar-sweetened drinks may play a role.

    Rates of colorectal cancer in people under 50 have increased sharply in recent years. Compared with people born around 1950, those born around 1990 have twice the risk for colon cancer and four times the risk for rectal cancer.

    While sales of sugar-sweetened drinks have been decreasing in recent years, the percentage of calories consumed in sugary drinks rose dramatically between 1977 and 2001. During those years, the figure rose from

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    10 Best Electrolyte Drinks in 2021 for Superior Hydration

    When it comes to hydration, there’s nothing wrong with classic H2O. However, there are certain scenarios where your body might need a few things added to the water to assist in recovery, the main components being electrolytes. As the name suggests, electrolytes conduct electricity when in solution with water, and your body needs constant electric pulses to work effectively.

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    When your body is under stress from illness, over-exertion from intense physical activity, or dehydration from a long night at the bar, it’s recommended by physicians and nutritionists alike that you consume electrolytes. That’s why saline solutions at hospitals

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    Beat the summer heat with these yummy drinks

    If you’d like to cool off this summer, the drinks listed below will do the trick. These drinks will re-energise your body and flush out any harmful toxins that have accumulated in your system.

    If you want to know how to refresh yourself this summer, here are the seven best drinks for you. They will revitalise your body and assist you in breaking free from any lethargy or boredom you may have experienced over the past year.

    So start stocking up on your best-loved beverages right away. 

    Cranberry juice

    This summer, refresh yourself with these yummy drinks

    Cranberry juice is

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    Pink Drinks Can Help You Run Faster and Further Compared to Clear Drinks

    A new study led by the Center for Nutraceuticals in the University of Westminster shows that pink drinks can help to make you run faster and further compared to clear drinks.

    The researchers found that a pink drink can increase exercise performance by 4.4 percent and can also increase a ‘feel good’ effect which can make exercise seem easier.

    The study, published in the journal Frontiers in Nutrition, is the first investigation to assess the effect of drink color on exercise performance and provides the potential to open a new avenue of future research in the field of sports

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    Recipes for traditional Mint Juleps, bourbon drinks

    The state of Kentucky has a rich history in bourbon and distilleries, boasting the production of 95 percent of all the bourbon in the world. With over 9 million barrels of bourbon in the state (two barrels for every one Kentucky resident), it’s no wonder bourbon drinks and the Kentucky Derby go hand in hand.

    The 2021 Kentucky Derby will air on May 1 from 12 to 2:30 p.m. ET on NBCSN and from 2:30 to 7:30 p.m. ET on NBC. Coverage is also available to stream live on NBCSports.com and on the NBC Sports app. Post time for

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    There Are Over 36 Secret Starbucks Drinks You Probably Had No Idea Existed

    I hate to break it you, but I think it might *finally* be time to change up your basic betch coffee order at Starbucks. Trust me, you don’t want to get to the point where the barista calls you out for the number of iced caramel macchiatos you order in a day. I’ve been there, done that, and felt the judge-y wrath from customers waiting in line behind me.

    Thankfully, Starbae’s secret menu has a ton of choices (literally dozens) so you can re-explore your palate. Plus, it’s 2020! Try new things, spread your green-straw’d wings, and break

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