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Eat This, Not That! Food Awards

This story is part of our 2022 Eat This, Not That! Food Awards. Our editors worked with registered dietitians from our Medical Expert Board to put hundreds of the newest grocery items to the test, crowning 79 products as the healthiest (and tastiest!) winners. Read more about our judging process and check out the winners in 7 other exciting categories here! If you buy any of the winning products through the links below, know that we may earn a commission.

With a ton of restaurants closed, cooking fatigue still going strong from 2020, and nothing else to do but

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Best Places to Eat, Drink, and Shop in Porto, Portugal

Best Places to Eat, Drink, and Shop in Porto, Portugal | Travel + Leisure

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What humanity should eat to stay healthy and save the planet

A clutch of fishing villages dot the coast near Kilifi, north of Mombasa in Kenya. The waters are home to parrot fish, octopus and other edible species. But despite living on the shores, the children in the villages rarely eat seafood. Their staple meal is ugali, maize (corn) flour mixed with water, and most of their nutrition comes from plants. Almost half the kids here have stunted growth — twice the national rate.

In 2020, Lora Iannotti, a public-health researcher at Washington University in St. Louis, and her Kenyan colleagues asked people in the villages why the children weren’t eating

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Royal Family: The Queen’s favourite dessert is pretty simple for someone who can eat anything she wants

The Queen’s favourite dessert has been revealed by her former chef and it’s pretty simple to make.

Chef Darren McGrady shared the royal recipe for The Queen’s go-to dessert, a lemon posset, and it only requires three simple ingredients.

Chef McGrady cooked for the Royal Family for 15 years – first in the Royal Kitchen, serving up dishes for the Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh, and then as Private Chef to Princess Diana, Prince William, and Prince Harry for four years until her death.

READ MORE: The unexpected reason why the Queen has given up her favourite drink –

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Health Aside, Here Another Reason to NOT Eat Pizzas And Burgers

Do you need a new excuse to eat less ‘junk’ food? Aside from the obvious health advantages. Junk foods account for a large percentage of food-related environmental consequences. Although the concept of sustainable diets is gaining popularity, the debate and proposed policies have not fully addressed the proliferation of junk food products that deplete scarce resources to provide empty calories.Also Read – 7 Ways to Manage Gut Health During Winter

Australian and New Zealand households eat more discretionary and junk foods than recommended by dietary guidelines, contributing to food-related greenhouse gas emissions (GHGe) and other environmental impacts.
University of

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Eat, drink and be merry

What do you think of when you hear the words ‘British food’? This week, to celebrate the FT Weekend Magazine’s food and drink holiday special, we’re digging in. Food critic Tim Hayward praises modern British cuisine and challenges his compatriots to be proud of their food culture. Our team visits one of the last standing eel and pie shops in London to explore how culinary traditions survive. Then, Lilah learns a great holiday cocktail from one of Brooklyn’s best mixologists, Shannon Mustipher, author of Tiki: Modern Tropical Cocktails and the first African-American bartender to write a cocktail recipe book in

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Traveling through the Des Moines airport? Here’s what to eat and drink

Few things in life are more pleasurable while waiting for a flight to board out of Des Moines International Airport than sipping an ice-cold pint of beer. 

The always reliable, and somehow more delicious, airport beer — add in some stress from traveling during the holidays, or flying for the first time since the onset of the coronavirus pandemic, and that wheaty airport beer can mark the official start to vacation. 

But the airport has more to offer than beer. While not comparable to the sprawling, endless options found at larger airports, Des Moines travelers can find some delicious meals

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It’s cake day – let’s bake it and eat it

  • Cake Day, which is honored every year on November 26th, is more than deserving of its own celebration.
  • Cakes are perhaps one of the most delectable baked foods humanity has ever created, and the huge variety of cake recipes and styles available continues to astonish.
  • Four graduates of the Capsicum Culinary Studio who are all making waves in the baking world share their favorite cake recipes.

“Let them eat cake!” Perhaps the most famous quote about cake ever were the words of French queen Marie Antoinette upon being informed that the peasants were so poor that they had no bread

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Let them eat cake! | Zululand Observer

From birthdays to weddings and from christenings and anniversaries to all sorts of festive holidays, cakes are almost always the centrepiece of the table. So it’s no wonder that this popular confectionary should have a day all to itself – and this year National Cake Day is celebrated around the world on November 26.

Whether chocolate or carrot, cheesecake or red velvet, pretty much everyone enjoys a slice of cake, so we asked three Capsicum Culinary Studio alumni – all of whom are making waves in the baking world – to share their favourite cake recipe with us.

Khashifah Ismail’s

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Eat Just Right: Build A Healthy Food Chart

Image: Shutterstock

One primary piece of advice that was omnipresent in our growing-up years was to eat healthily. The balanced diet and the food charts that we came across in our science textbooks became null and void after we reached adulthood. But the fact of the matter is that these food charts are not just for kids and teens, they suit an adult’s health as well.

In fact, a healthy, balanced diet will vary depending on one’s age, lifestyle and physical activity, but following a balanced diet with nutritious food contributes to a malnutrition-free environment. It also helps us fight

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