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13 Best Healthy Eating Books of 2022

There are a few things to consider when you’re shopping for books about nutrition. Here are our top tips:

  • Consider the source. Be sure to check the author’s credentials and look for books from experts in the field, such as dietitians, physicians, or personal trainers, whenever possible.
  • Be wary of outlandish health claims. Steer clear of books that make exaggerated claims that seem too good to be true. Instead, look for authors that back up their statements with studies and references from credible sources.
  • Look for realistic approaches to nutrition. We recommend avoiding books that promote fad diets, unhealthy habits,
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Mid-DayJack Grealish's girlfriend binges on junk food after his fling with actressEngland football star Jack Grealish's girlfriend Sasha Attwood is eating unhealthy food and sleeping late after her boyfriend's secret dates….1 hour ago

Mid-DayJack Grealish’s girlfriend binges on junk food after his fling with actressEngland football star Jack Grealish’s girlfriend Sasha Attwood is eating
unhealthy food and sleeping late after her boyfriend’s secret dates….1 hour ago… Read More

Car Mukbangs: How Eating Junk Food Behind the Wheel on Camera Became an Internet Sensation

But of all the things you could possibly watch, videos of people eating food in their car on camera might sound like a strange choice. Even so, people flock to YouTube channels across the platform whose only content is to hop in their car and drive to a takeout restaurant. Then stuff their face on camera right there in the parking lot.

Some of you might wonder just why this has anything to do with cars themselves. To that we say this, the whole Mukbang craze as we know it today is in no small part facilitated by the automobile.

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Many Nigerians die from eating wrong food, firm declares | The Guardian Nigeria News

Many Nigerians die as a result of eating the wrong foods, the Managing Director of Dessoi Flour (DF), Paulin Adjagbodjou, has said. Speaking during the unveiling of its no additives chemicals life-saving Dessoi Flour in Ikeja, recently, Adjagbodjou said the produce was the outcome of a five-year research aimed at saving lives.

He said: “It took five years of clinical experiments to come up with the end product of DF which is basically to heal prolong ailments and save people from deadly diseases such as diabetes, hypertension, heart disease, obesity and others.

“Research has shown that a number of people

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Internet Calls Woman Out After Eating MIL’s Birthday Cake in Viral Post

A woman has riled up thousands of people after she told her husband he “overreacted” after she ate a piece of cake that was intended for his mother’s birthday. The post, published by u/ThrowraDH467422 on Reddit’s “Am I the A**hole?” (AITA) forum, has received more than 12,600 votes and 3,549 comments.

The post explained that u/ThrowraDH467422, 24, is seven months pregnant and that she asked her husband, 32, to pick up a snack she was craving but that he forgot to.

She also explained that her in-laws had been staying with her and her husband for a few days and

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One more reason to avoid eating junk food

We all know that too many pastries, cookies, burgers and chips are terrible for your health, increasing the probability of developing lifestyle conditions like obesity, cholesterol issues and diabetes, among other things.  Now here’s one more reason to stay away from sugar–it damages the environment. 

Also read: Early screening could help tackle student depression

A new study published this month points out that foods like this aren’t just bad for you; they’re terrible for the earth too. The study, conducted by University of South Australia (UniSA) dietitian Sara Forbes, reviewed 20 studies on the environmental impacts of food consumption in

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Healthy Eating Is Not the Same as Dieting

Take a minute to think about what “healthy” food means to you. Is it something low-calorie? Low-fat? Low-carb? Filling without containing very much substance? That’s not healthy food, that’s diet food. There’s a difference.

You see, healthy habits are ones you can keep up sustainably. When you are dieting, as in trying to lose weight, your goal is to eat unsustainably little food. Weight loss is, by definition, not a healthy habit. You are under-nourishing yourself on purpose to make your body smaller. But you can’t shrink forever, and it certainly wouldn’t be healthy if you did.

So if you

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Bhagyashrees Healthy Dinner Will Give You Clean Eating Goals

Weekends may make you crave all kinds of drool-worthy dishes. But it seems like actress Bhagyashree’s weekends are all about eating healthy and detoxifying the body. On Friday night, the actress posted an Instagram Story of her nutritious meal. She dived into the weekend with a “healthy dinner” as she called it. What’s on the plate? A green assortment of fresh vegetables. We see lettuce and other greens mixed with slices of tomatoes and button mushrooms. The salad gets a boost with sprouts and what looks like slices of grilled sausage. Weekends are surely getting healthier for Bhagyashree. Take a

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