The Historical Halloween Cake That Reveals Your Future Spouse

On one recent Tuesday night, I texted my friend Katie and asked her to come over to make some fortune-telling flatbread.

When she showed up, wary but game, I explained a bit more. We were going to bake a dumb cake. The name, by the way, isn’t meant to describe a poorly-thought-out pastry. Instead, it was the main event of a baking ritual conducted by young, unmarried women across the United Kingdom and North America from the 1700s up to the mid-1900s. Universally, the goal was the same: to discover the identity of their future husbands with what one encyclopedia

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CWU Teaches Future Docs To Try – More Healthy Food

What role does food play in your life, you know besides the obvious “no food-no life” equation?   Some of us have our few favorites and we regularily eat just what we know.  Others see food as part of life’s great adventure and are always willing to look and cook fry and try new things all the time.  Some eat to fuel specific activities and some eat to avoid dealing with feelings.   In other words, food is complex and can play an important role in better health.

Culinary Medicine

Food even has a place in medicine and not just for jokes

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Brave New Food challenges disruptive start-ups in quest for healthy future food

24 Jun 2021 — Brave New Food has launched the search for “healthy food solutions,” for its innovation acceleration platform which includes several F&B key players like FrieslandCampina, Bonduelle and the Kraft Heinz Company. 

Brave New Food says it’s now “even more interesting” for start-ups and scale-ups to pitch in the quest for healthy food of the future. 

More than 200 start-ups and scale-ups from primarily European countries participated in the first open call, which was all about sustainability. Eighty-seven of these were invited, and after 130 one-on-one interviews, more than 70 follow-ups took place. 

And now,

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COVID-19 cocktail hacks: 4 new drinks to bring into the future

Remember when going to the store felt like taking one’s life into one’s washed-until-chapped hands, way back this time last year? There we were, alone with the limitations of our pandemic liquor cabinets as severe stir-craziness set in — Americans drank a lot more over the last year, and given good ol’ American ingenuity, things were bound to get weird. It was a time to make do, and make drinks, with what we had. Things remain uncertain, interminably, still … so, cheers!?

The following four cocktails — while most definitely not any kind of masterworks of mixology — came of

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