4 News Now Extreme Team to give Cleone’s Closet and Food Pantry a makeover

The Extreme Team is back with another project! 

Mark Peterson and his team of helpers will give Cleone’s Closet and Food Pantry a much-needed facelift. 

This wonderful non-profit helps the West Plains community by providing access to healthy and nutritious foods. 

The City of Airway Heights is considered a Level 2 food desert. A food desert happens when fresh fruits, vegetables and other healthy whole foods are difficult to find because of unavailability, affordability, distance or limited shopping options. 

Cleone’s works to create a happier and healthier local community. 

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MTN DEW Cake Smash wants to give everyone a celebratory do-over

While many people were happy to erase 2020 from the memory banks, MTN DEW Cake Smash wants to give everyone a “do-over” for 2021. Forget 1999, are you ready to celebrate like its 2021?

Have you heard of MTN DEW Cake Smash? While MTN DEW continues to push the flavor boundaries of its beverages, this special offering has a twist of cake flavor. Although not quite as sweet as that Pepsi Peeps combination from Easter, that touch of sweetness to the iconic DEW citrus flavor is quite refreshing.

Thinking of the Dew Nation, this special beverage offering fits into the

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‘it’s all slow churned to give it that super smooth texture’

RICHMOND, Va- One of the only places in Richmond you’ll find slow churned Midwest style frozen custard, Jiji’s dessert truck hopes to make all of your sundae dreams come true.

Made fresh everyday, their vanilla custard serves as a sweet, smooth and decadent base to their many freshly baked toppings and drizzles.

Started by Kendall and Chase Appich in 2019, the husband and wife duo wanted to bring one of their favorite but hard to find desserts to the Richmond community.

“What makes our product unique is it has egg yolks, that gives it its rich smoothness. And then our

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