Google may have already revealed the dessert name for Android 13 “T”

Android 12 is slated for an imminent public release in the coming months, and we are building up to that launch with the release of Dev Previews and Betas along the way. Google released Android 12 Beta 3.1 some hours ago, which is a bug fix release for the most part. While we dig into it and see if there’s anything juicy in it, we do have some tea from the AOSP Gerrit. Google seems to have settled onto the internal codename for Android 13, and the winner is “Tiramisu”.

As per a commit on the AOSP Gerrit, spotted

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Check out what Google search trends reveal is ND’s favorite ‘junk food’

If data from Google is correct, North Dakotans have a sweet tooth for apple crumb pie, rhubarb cake and pizza cakes.

Equipment online auction site Bid-On-Equipment analyzed Google search trends for more than 5,000 junk food-related terms and keywords to find the most popular junk food in each state.

Nationwide, the most popular junk food items are donuts, cakes, cream pies, ice cream and cupcakes.

In North Dakota, our tastes are apparently a little more specific: Apple crumb pie or cake, rhubarb cake and pizza cakes.

Pizza cakes are where you bake a multi-layer pizza in a cake pan or

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