7 Healthy Foods That May Help You Improve Heart Health

It is said that a healthy heart ensures a healthy life. After all, our heart is one of the most important organs in the body – it’s what keeps us living and thriving. The daunting reality is that our sedentary lifestyles, poor stress management, and unhealthy food habits are making heart attacks a common problem even among the youth. But, it’s never too late to start taking care of yourself. With some tiny changes like increased activity and healthier food choices, you may save yourself from those routine visits to the doctor. Start by changing some of your minor food

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The New York TimesWhy Lawsuits Over 'Misleading' Food Labels Are SurgingLawsuits Over 'Misleading' Food Labels Surge as Groups Cite Lax U.S. … The measure has the backing of nutritionists and healthy food …6 hours ago

The New York TimesWhy Lawsuits Over ‘Misleading’ Food Labels Are SurgingLawsuits Over ‘Misleading’ Food Labels Surge as Groups Cite Lax U.S. …
The measure has the backing of nutritionists and healthy food …6 hours ago… Read More

Effort promotes healthy food, sharing practices | News, Sports, Jobs

Dr. Michelle Seguin, M.D., prepares to give a demonstration on fermenting vegetables to Growing From the Heart. (Houghton Daily Mining Gazette photo by Chris Jaehnig)

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nutritional value: National Nutrition Week: Eating healthy food should be your priority

Nutrition is the most important component of a healthy and balanced diet, which plays a key role in development, growth and protection against diseases in the long run. In India, National Nutrition week (NNW) is observed from September 1 to September 7 every year since 1982 to create awareness among people about the importance of nutrition on the person’s health and overall well-being. The theme of National Nutrition Week 2021 is ‘Feeding right from the start’ which focuses on the importance of nutrition and healthy diet. Eating a balanced diet is important for good health and wellbeing. A right proportion
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Mindful Eating Practices For Children: 5 Tips To Inhibit Healthy Food Habit In Kids

We all can relate to the struggle of making a child eat those greens on their plates. Running behind your kid with a bowlful of meal can a real struggle at times. But giving up on this struggle is never an option. In fact, it is of utmost importance to get a child into healthy eating habit for overall growth. “Helping your children develop their own mindfulness practice can be very beneficial and these skills can be applied to many areas of life,” read a report published on the official website of Michigan State University. It further stated, “Mindfulness can

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Cooking with kids promotes healthy eating habits


Getting kids to form healthy eating habits is no easy task. But why? Have you ever wondered what causes kids (and some adults) to turn up their noses when served leafy greens? Science says it could have a lot to do with how people are taught to nourish themselves as kids.

One study from the Journal of Nutrition Education and Behavior found that young adults with strong cooking skills are more inclined to eat healthily as an adult. According to the study, having confidence in the kitchen “led to fewer fast-food meals, more meals as a family and

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Harrison Ford takes break from filming to pick up healthy food at Waitrose

SLIMLINE Harrison Ford uses a break from shooting Indiana Jones 5 to go food shopping in a Waitrose.

He loaded his trolley with healthy grub including low-calorie Ryvita rosemary and sea salt thins, organic chickpeas, meat-free burgers and a vegetable pizza.


Indiana Jones star Harrison Ford picking up his healthy essentials from WaitroseCredit: Eroteme
The 79-year-old was hardly recognised during his food shop, despite not wearing a mask


The 79-year-old was hardly recognised during his food shop, despite not wearing a maskCredit: Eroteme

Ford, 79 — recovering from a shoulder injury he suffered while filming as the adventurer — was hardly recognised despite not wearing a mask.

But then again,

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These Black farmers provide more than healthy food

The Black Farmers’ Market draws entrepreneurs and shoppers on a mission for more racial equity and a sense of community.

By Chiung-Wei Huang

Dawn Henderson just had a fruitful shopping trip to the Black Farmers’ Market in Durham.

Her bag was packed with meat and vegetables. Often on her trips to the Durham site, which is open once a month, she picks up one of the many types of honey and desserts available there.

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Building the Road to Accessible Healthy Food

We know there are numerous benefits to eating healthy – everything from lowering the risk of heart disease, type 2 diabetes, and some cancers, to the simple wins of enhancing your mood and productivity.

The primary question for many is one of access. How can consumers create consistent touochpoints with quality, healthy, and affordable foods? And how should the industry strategize to deliver that accessibility?

We turned to Frederic Laforge, Co-Founder & CEO of The Farmers Truck, to learn the role that transportation plays in connecting people in need with healthy food.

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