Brain Training App Helps Users Cut Down on Junk Food

Using a brain-training app helps people eat less junk food and lose weight, new research suggests.

The Food Trainer (FoodT app) trains people to tap on images of healthy foods – but to stop when they see unhealthy snacks, creating an association between these foods and stopping.

The new study, by the universities of Exeter and Helsinki, found that playing the game about once a day for a month led to an average one-point reduction of junk food consumption on an eight-point scale (the scale ranges from four or more items per day, to one or zero items per

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Get Fresh Daily helps get healthy food into the hands of Black moms

It started with a green smoothie. When Jiana Murdic’s on-the-go breakfast attracted the interest of her fifth grade students, she began bringing in unfamiliar fruits and vegetables, like kiwis and figs, to surprise and engage them. The plant-based meals she took for granted became a core tenant of her connection with students—it didn’t take her long to realize something else was at play.

“I started to recognize the connection between what my students were eating before they came to school and their ability to focus on the 90-minute reading block that we were required to start the day with,”

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WAFER drive-thru food fair helps families in need

Wafer officials had no pre-registration required and no proof of income needed for people to get groceries

LA CROSSE, Wis. (WKBT) – During tough times, families may have trouble finding healthy food, one local group is doing their part to help. Wafer Food pantry held a drive-thru food fair Saturday.

Everyone who showed up today was able to get groceries. There was no pre-registration required and no proof of income needed for those who wanted food.

With many people in our

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