It’s cake day – let’s bake it and eat it

  • Cake Day, which is honored every year on November 26th, is more than deserving of its own celebration.
  • Cakes are perhaps one of the most delectable baked foods humanity has ever created, and the huge variety of cake recipes and styles available continues to astonish.
  • Four graduates of the Capsicum Culinary Studio who are all making waves in the baking world share their favorite cake recipes.

“Let them eat cake!” Perhaps the most famous quote about cake ever were the words of French queen Marie Antoinette upon being informed that the peasants were so poor that they had no bread

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Let’s Talk Food: Eating healthy foods

According to Cooking Light, the criteria for eating healthy foods are eating wholesome, nutritious foods that promote good health; eating more plant-based foods and less meat; eat minimally processed foods, as close to their natural state; taking account the responsibility of using our earth’s resources; highlighting foods that may improve gut health, which in turn helps prevent diseases such as heart disease, diabetes, and cancer, and enhance the immune system; experience new global cuisines, many of them being vegetarian; and “We believe that healthy eating is not only about the food but also about shared experiences at the table. Whether

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Let’s Make EPCOT’s AMAZING Tres Leches Cake!

Happy weekend, friends!

I was this close to taking my first-ever bite of Tres Leches Cake last week. My hubby and I zipped over to Three Bridges Bar & Grill at Coronado Springs Resort to try Craig’s favorite burger on property (which, by the way, didn’t disappoint), and Tres Leches Cake was on the dessert menu. Unfortunately for the cake, housemade churros were also on the menu. The churros won. While the churros were delicious, it’s left me wondering what I missed by not having the cake. That wondering ends today.

Today’s Saturday Snacks recipe comes to us from the

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Let’s Eat: Our New Food & Drink Editor is Ready to Dig In


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I can trace most of my life back through memories of food — probably because I tend to mark most occasions, good or bad, with a meal. Last year, before restaurants shut down but after my daughter found out that her senior-year trip to Europe had officially been canceled, we got angry at COVID together over pasta and garlic bread at The Saucy Noodle. When indoor dining came to a halt a week later, I drove to La Fogata for

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Let’s *Attempt to Make* Pizzafari’s Children’s Dessert Pizza!

Sometimes a recipe, like moments in life, doesn’t quite turned out as you planned. Sometimes things seem so good in theory, but when it comes to practical application, something zigs when you thought it was going to zag. And you might not even fully know where whatever went wrong, went wrong. It doesn’t mean that the end result is necessarily bad, it just means that it’s different than what you had originally expected. Case in point: Pizzafari’s Children’s Dessert Pizza. But I digress. We’ll get there in just a few.

Years ago, around about the time that my son

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