Looking for healthy food options near campus? We got you covered | Lifestyle

There are many food options around campus and it can be difficult to filter through what’s junk and what is nutritious. It begs the question, “What does it take for a student to find a tasty, health-conscious restaurant near campus?” Don’t worry. If you are looking for healthy food options within a 10-minute drive from campus, then this list is for you. 


Green Tomato Grill

The ranch wrap, right, is a fan favorite along with the chile verde bowl and chimichurri chicken, according to Jacob Lemos, a flex general manager at Green Tomato Grill in Brea. (Alondra Torres /

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‘Good shock value’: CSIRO holds a mirror to Australia’s junk food habits | Australian lifestyle

What happens when you take every culinary indulgence – every afternoon biscuit, ham sarnie, scoop of ice-cream and post-work glass of wine – and add them together over the course of a month?

The Junk Food Analyser, a quiz slash come-to-Jesus moment from the CSIRO, does just that. And the results can be confronting.

“Our intention wasn’t to scare people,” Dr Gilly Hendrie, the Australian science agency’s lead researcher on the project, says. “It was to bring people’s attention to all the different types of foods that go in this category.”

“This category”, which the CSIRO generally refers to

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