Super Lemony Olive Oil Cake Recipe

The name gives it away, but it’s true: Mina Stone’s olive oil cake is super fragrant with lemon, extremely moist thanks to extra-virgin olive oil, and the interior is as yellow as the sun. This recipe comes (fittingly) from her new cookbook, Lemon, Love & Olive Oil, which revisits dishes throughout Stone’s life, especially ones she learned from her Greek grandmother. “The most important thing I’ve learned from the women in my family is to cook with love, abandon, and an absence of fear,” writes Stone. Traditionally, Greek olive oil cake uses orange juice and zest, but on a

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Olive Oil Conquers the Plant-Based Dessert

Plant-based versions of ice cream (which cannot use the term cream) are proliferating faster than new flavors from Ben & Jerry’s. Every possible alternative “milk” — pressed from beans, grains, nuts and so forth — now beckon as vanilla and chocolate in the frozen food aisle. A newcomer, Wildgood, has taken a somewhat different approach, with a vegan frozen dessert that relies on olive oil. It’s the result of eight years of trial and error by Sotiris Tsichlopoulos, who studied gelato in Italy and created an ice cream brand in Greece. Among the ingredients that help turn extra-virgin olive oil

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