Barcode Performance Drink for High-Performing Athletes

Wellness has begun to shift from solely focusing on aesthetics and training to a more holistic approach that takes into consideration mental, emotional, and physical wellness. Barcode, a plant-based performance drink brand for high-performing athletes ($4 for a bottle or $48 for a 12-pack) is one brand that has taken note.

Unlike its predecessors in the sports drink arena that focus on refueling athletes’ electrolyte levels, Barcode takes a 360-degree approach to fueling, providing consumers with a combination of vitamins, minerals, and adaptogens to enhance their well-being—whether they’re performing in a championship game or finishing a long run.

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Relying on coffee, junk food may affect exam performance

By Gregory Leddy

If you’re asking college students, there is no question that finals season is one of the most stressful times. Long research papers, nerve-wracking presentations and weeks of studying crammed into just a few days can do a number on even the most committed scholars.

In these intense bouts of stress, students may turn to some trusty foods to get through long study sessions. A quick trip to the C-Store can provide students at the College with every snack imaginable — from a Starbucks espresso to an energy drink, many students need the extra energy.

Students like

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