Winemakers to pour $4 million into Smithsonian’s popular American Food History Project

“When I look at my list of what we’ve done over the last 25 years, I’m astonished at what we’ve accomplished,” says Paula Johnson, the team’s leader. She ticks off a list: 60 oral history interviews related to wine, plus an additional 64 on brewing history and 30 on food. The museum’s food history collection includes more than 2,000 items and 136 cubic feet of archives. They’ve sponsored winemaker dinners and food history weekends, plus “hundreds of programs and events that try to build on our collections and research to bring these stories of American food, wine and beer to

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Drenched in caramel and a heroic pour of rum, this pineapple dessert is an express ride to paradise

There are certain words that immediately communicate the desirability of a dish. If you put “salty” or “brown butter” in front of almost anything edible, I’m a convert before even tasting it. But the one word that unfailingly gets my attention the most is . . . sticky. Sticky wings. Sticky rice. Sticky buns. Sticky food is the most delicious food, and sticky burnt food is the most delicious kind of delicious.

So even though chef Eric Ripert’s beautiful new book, “Vegetable Simple,” is full of inspiring, easy ideas for transforming your broccoli and butternut into showstopping main dishes, what

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