Nutritionist reveals which junk food is a healthier breakfast than cereal

Whether breakfast is the most important meal of the day or not, having a meal every morning is obviously good for you.

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Maybe you go the whole nine yards and make a full breakfast spread every morning – eggs, bacon, and toast all included, or maybe you’re the smoothie-on-the-go type.

There are obviously some meals that are healthier than others and provide more nutritional value, keep you satisfied for longer, and just make you feel better during the day.

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Viral video reveals what your favorite junk food looks like after 1-2 years

SAN FRANCISCO (KRON) — Food either goes bad or it turns into waste in our bodies – it’s the natural order of things… or so you think.

This viral TikTok may make you queasy the next time your eyes are set on something indulgent and cheesy.

User @elifgkandemir shared a video of their mother’s special pantry full of food that seems to never go bad. Drawer pulls reveal perfectly pink frosted doughnuts, cold-but-not-moldy pizza, and burgers that look maybe… hours old.

But the TikTok user says most of it is actually 1-2 years old.


We can spot a McDonald’s

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New Study Reveals Why Your Brain Chooses Junk Food Over More Nutritious Options

This study suggests that it is the speed of our cognitive processing, rather than mere willpower, that influences our food choices (via LSE). People are more likely to choose something delicious, even if it is unhealthy, because they can determine very quickly that the food item will taste good. It simply takes longer for our brains to process the fact that a food is healthy. Very often, we might start to snack on an unhealthy treat, before information about its healthfulness even has time to enter our minds.

“Our findings suggest that it is often not our fault that

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Ronaldo reveals how much he dislikes Coca-Cola tells people drink water

Cristiano Ronaldo reveals how much he dislikes Coca-Cola, tells people to drink water

Cristiano Ronaldo: Drink water, not Coca-Cola

Portugal talisman and global footballing icon Cristiano Ronaldo caused a commercial stir in his press conference ahead of his country’s meeting with Hungary.

Ronaldo was due to answer questions alongside Portugal head coach Fernando Santos, and as he sat down noticed some strategically placed bottles of Coca-Cola on the table.

After doing so, the veteran attacker picked both up, and moved them out of shot.

Lifting up his bottle of water, he simply added: “Water”.

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Saweetie Shares Her Favorite Cake Recipe & Reveals Who Really Is Her True Best Friend


37 Magical Gifts That Your Witchy Friend Will Actually Use

Whether your friend really, really loves The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, is obsessed with WitchTok, or is legit a practicing witch, they’ll love a present that fits their actual interests. Say goodbye to socks, lip gloss, and candles, and hello to crystals, tarot cards, and, um, candles. Show that you support their occult interests, even if you don’t totally understand why they carry around so many crystals.

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Bad to the bone: Hebrew University reveals impact of junk food on kids’ skeletal development

A team of researchers from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem has proven the linkages between ultra-processed foods and reduced bone quality, unveiling the damage of these foods particularly for younger children in their developing years. The study, led by Professor Efrat Monsonego-Ornan and Dr. Janna Zaretsky from the Department of Biochemistry, Food Science and Nutrition at the University’s Faculty of Agriculture, was published in the journal Bone Research and serves as the first comprehensive study of the effect of widely-available food products on skeleton development.

Ultra-processed foods–aka, junk food–are food items products that undergo several stages of processing and contain

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